Cruiserweight Classic

Cruiserweight Classic Recap – 9/7/16; Road to the Finals!

I’m back again with this weeks CWC recap, again this wont be a play by play style report. I will provide you with highlights of each match and backstage interviews following the matches followed by my opinion and analysis.

Written by: Carl Bennett

The show started with Corey Graves narrating a video package asking who will be joining Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik in the semi finals next week. Tonight’s matches will be Zack Sabre Junior VS. Noam Dar and Rich Swann VS. TJ Perkins.

Street Fighter opening video played then we were welcomed to the show by Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan who promised fireworks in the two quarter final matches. The brilliant pre-match video aired with ZSJ moving away from pretending he Harry Potter to being serious about his submission style bringing results. Noam Dar played up on his adaptability being his key to success and being able to establish himself.

This match was probably my least favourite out of the quarter finals but it still had its dramatic moments with all the grapple-f*ck take downs and submission attempts. I really want someone to pass ZSJ a burger, he looks like he hasn’t ate in a good while. I can’t see him signing with WWE his style is very unique and makes for some interesting matches but his look is not very WWE. Noam looked good in defeat and all signs are pointing to him ending up on Raw, I just hope the dug up tweets don’t falter his prospects. ZSJ taking on Gran Metalik could be very interesting next week.

Next up the pre match video started with profiling TJ Perkins who talked about his confidence in being the best cruiserweight in the world and anyone who disagrees should just quit. The Rich Swann profile was next and Swann said he will give the people what they want and that is entertainment! Yeah you can tell who is already a WWE contract.

Now this was a match definitely up there as one of the best in the tournament, I would have predicted a Swann win as he is already under a WWE contract but Perkins is definitely deserving of his place in the Semis. The dancing and dabbing parts of the match weren’t that bad and played into the story of the match. The finale of the match with Perkins applying the kneebar for the submission win but releasing the hold at the bell and checking on Swann was fantastic and will be moment I’m sure will be replayed significantly. I think both of these competitors will be massive in the cruiserweight division on Raw, Swann fits in with WWE style already but its just a shame WWE didn’t get the rights to use Lionel Richie’s All night Long for his entrance music.

Another fantastic episode of CWC, I’m really looking forward to next weeks 2 hour live show featuring the semi finals and the final, I will go out on a limb and say TJ Perkins will win with Metalik a nose hair behind him. Both have very marketable looks and both are rumoured to have already signed WWE deal with both Zack Sabre Junior and Kota Ibushi turning down offers. I cant imagine WWE having the inaugural winner being someone who will not be the focal point of the cruiserweight division on Raw.

I’ll be back next week with my recap of the big 2 hour live show, if you have any comments or just plain disagree with what I’ve said shoot me an email at



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