Raw Recap – 9/12/16

Roman Reigns faces WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens tonight! If Reigns wins he gets added to the main event at Clash of Champions for the WWE Universal Championship.

The show opens with Mick Foley calling Women’s Champion Charlotte to the ring. Instead of apologizing to Dana Brooke for berating then slapping her last week she blames Dana for losing to Bayley. Charlotte then tells Dana if she doesn’t apologize for costing Charlotte the match she would end her mentorship of Dana. Sasha Banks comes out as well as Bayley with each woman believing they deserve a shot at the title. Foley’s simple solution is to have a match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. Charlotte begins berate Dana again but a frustrated Dana slaps the taste out of Charlotte’s mouth! Foley then adds Dana to the match making it a Triple Threat match! The winner will face Charlotte at Clash of Champions for the Women’s Championship.

Pretty good Triple Threat with Sasha getting the win keeping the original Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions intact. Sasha made it obvious her lower back is still nagging her, will that be a hinderance at Clash of Champions?

Bo Dallas defeated enhancement talent Brandon Scott in a two minute squash match. Before the match Bo recited a weird poem about how only he can believe in himself. Bo showed a new aggressive side during the match so I wonder if this will lead to a character change for Bo.

Highlight Reel segment with Chris Jericho and his special guest Sami Zayn. Man, this version of Y2J is probably his best yet. Zayn warns Jericho that if he thinks Owens is truly his best friend then Jericho truly is a stupid idiot. Zayn says its because of guys like Jericho that Zayn traveled all over the world first to get to the WWE. Zayn reminds Jericho of all his accolades before asking how did he end up becoming Kevin Owens’ bitch. This strikes a nerve with Jericho who catches Zayn off guard then hits him with a Codebreaker. I’m down for a Jericho/Zayn feud.

Cesaro and Sheamus continued their Best of 7 series with match five. I really like the idea of having to really earn a number one contendership by winning matches rather than the shot just being given to you. It makes the importance of the title seem real. Match number five was as physical as the others with the focus being the back of Cesaro really is in bad shape and nearly cost him the match. Lots of good back and forth action leading up to Cesaro getting a roll up and using the bottom rope for extra leverage.

Backstage Seth Rollins meets with Mick Foley to complain about Roman Reigns potentially getting added to the Clash of Champions main event for the WWE Universal Championship. Things got pretty heated when Seth once again accused Mick of being in the pocket of Stephanie McMahon. Mick didn’t take to kindly to that nearly snapping. Seth says no matter the legendary career Mick has had if he is in the pocket of Stephanie he’s just a fool.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho is announced for Clash of Champions.

Nia Jax killed Alicia Fox. I’m not kidding.

Anderson and Gallows defeated The New Day in a non title match. I’m a little confused seeing as this match will happen at Clash of Champions just for the titles, so why have this match on Raw?

The Cruiserweights are coming! The Cruiserweights are coming!

Jinder Mahal comes out to let us know he is now a man “that comes in peace”. He went on to defeat Jack Swagger in a pretty competitive match. Could this lead to something with Jinder? What a story that would be. Lower end of the card worker takes two year sabbatical to come back and become a force for the Raw roster. Who knows…

Epico defeated Enzo Amore with a tainted pin thanks to his cousin Primo. I’m all for giving these previously unknown performers time to shine. Everyone gets a piece of the pie. I will say Enzo without Cass in a match limits Enzo with what he can do. Hopefully he’ll get better with time.

Before tonight’s main event Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens got into a little verbal confrontation backstage. Owens knew exactly how to get under the skin of Rollins, going for the jugular so to say, bringing up the betrayal of Triple H. Not too long ago Seth was in the same spot as Owens, reaping all the benefits of having The Authority have his back. Seth got injured and hasn’t truly been able to reclaim a title, essentially calling him a failure. For a final jab Kevin Owens says Rollins is just jealous Triple H found someone better. Mick Foley breaks up the verbal spat before anything further happens. Foley also reminds Rollins that should he interfere in tonight’s main event he could face serious punishment.

The first part of tonight’s main event between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns had sort of a slow build up in the beginning of the match with Kevin trying to keep Roman grounded while Roman went with striking offense. A bulk of the action happened on the outside of the ring. While Owens had things well in hand out of nowhere Rollins shows up and starts wailing away on Kevin Owens! Foley and backstage officials come rushing out to break up the brawl and once Rollins gets to the top of the ramp Foley just lays into him sending him to the back like a child in trouble for a bad report card. I thought this match was going to be over on account of DQ but Foley restarts the match!

This is where things get really crazy with both Owens and Reigns pulling out everything they could think of to put the other away. It almost looked as though Roman was about to head to Clash to fight for the title when suddenly Rusev appears! Reigns diverts his attention and blasts Rusev with a Superman Punch! Owens takes advantage of the distraction and plants Roman with a Popup Powerbomb! 1..2..3! This was one hell of a match.

So what happens now with the main event? The repercussion for Seth’s interference can’t be to remove him from the original Clash of Champions main event or else we won’t have a match. Either way if this match is any indication of what a Reigns/Owens feud would be like sign me up!

After the match Rusev pounded away on Roman before locking him in The Accolade to close out the show. What did you think of Raw tonight? Comment below or reach out to us on social media:

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