Dean Ambrose

SmackDown Live Recap – 9/13/16

Tonight the Era of Styles begins tonight in Philly!

SmackDown opens with the new WWE Champion AJ Styles out to celebrate, or gloat depending how you see it, his huge win over Dean Ambrose to capture the title. From the face that runs the place to the champ that runs the camp it’s easy to see why AJ is on cloud nine, after all the outcome did happen the way he predicted it. As AJ continues to go on about how he’s the new top guy out comes THE top guy, 15 time world champion John Cena. His goal is very simple. He wants to become 16 time world champion. Just when tensions are at an all time high former champion Dean Ambrose who has a huge bone to pick with AJ not for beating him Sunday but for kicking him in the jewels to do so. Ambrose feels like he was robbed and when you steal from Ambrose you make an enemy out of Ambrose. Cena doesn’t take too kindly about Ambrose stepping in on his moment and he isn’t shy about it. Cena criticizes Ambrose for his recent body of work while Ambrose fires back calling Cena a lazy part-timer. Whoa. Everyone is throwing some serious shade. SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon comes out with a huge announcement for SmackDown’s next Pay-Per-View No Mercy. AJ Styles will be defending the WWE Championship against John Cena….and Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat match! That’s not it. Cena and Ambrose team up tonight against AJ Styles and a partner….if he can find one.

The Hype Bros took on The Usos in a rather quick match. Usos continue to capitalize on their new found evil attitude. With the official distracted Mojo catches a poke to the eye leading to an Uso splash and win.

The Miz makes his way down to the ring to talk about his victory over Dolph Ziggler at Backlash. Shortly after Dolph comes out to request one more match for the Intercontinental Championship, this time no Maryse to cheat for the Miz. Before Miz would likely deny this request Daniel Bryan comes out seemingly to grant Dolph the rematch. Miz flips a gasket and basically holds the IC Title hostage until his contract is renegotiated like he has been asking. Very interesting.

Scratch Baron Corbin off the list of potential partners for AJ Styles, he’d rather be AJ’s opponent.

Speaking of Baron Corbin he faced Apollo Crews in a rematch from the Backlash Kickoff show. Before the match started Corbin jumps Crews sending him crashing to the outside. While Corbin is in the ring soaking in all the boos from the Philly crowd out comes….Jack Swagger? Corbin exits and Swagger grabs the mic to let everyone know what he is doing on SD. As of midnight today Swagger’s contract with Raw has expired and he has decided to bring his talent to SD. He says if we thought we have seen all of his abilities, we don’t know Jack.

We had a 5 way Women’s match to determine who would be the number one contender for Becky Lynch’s Women’s Championship. Truth be told this match wasn’t that bad. No weird footwork or bad spots. Everything flowed together pretty well. Nikki Bella looked to have things in hand when out of nowhere Carmella catches her with a kick straight in the mush. Carmella goes for the pin but Alexa Bliss dumps her to the outside and picks up the scraps for herself! Bliss gets the pin and is the new number one contender for the Women’s Championship.

Heath Slater finally signed his contract to officially become part of the SmackDown roster. Apparently one of his kids needed a tongue? Slater makes a declaration saying he and Rhyno will defend the SD Tag Team titles any place, anywhere, any time. This actually sounds good for one team in particular The Ascension. They come out to take Heath up on his offer and although Heath didn’t think it was a good time Commissioner Shane McMahon thought otherwise and made a tag match for the titles right now!

The match itself was rather quick and much like Backlash, Heath caught the beating and Rhyno picked up the scraps with a GORE. Heath and Rhyno retain.

Daniel Bryan found AJ Styles a partner! James Ellsworth??!!!

Randy Orton called out Bray Wyatt who began playing tricks on Orton by appearing and disappearing. Once the lights came back on Erick Rowan is in the ring attacking Orton. The attack was short lived as Orton hit an RKO (you guessed it) out of nowhere.

Main event time and as James Ellsworth is enthusiastically making his way down to the ring he is brutally attacked by The Miz. It looks like the dream team of Ellsworth and Styles isn’t happening tonight but we do get Styles and Miz taking on Cena and Ambrose.

The match itself was nothing too exciting. Small descension between Ambrose and Cena as it took awhile for Ambrose to finally give in and tag Cena into the match. From there it was all Cena as Ambrose goes flying out and Cena scoops up Miz for an AA and the win.

Cena is celebrating the win with the crowd and he turns right into a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose! A vast majority of the crowd is booing Ambrose so I wonder what direction WWE is going with this. Were they looking for that reaction from the crowd? Will we see Ambrose and Cena one on one after No Mercy? That’s all from the Blue Brand this week!

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