Cruiserweight Classic

Cruiserweight Classic Recap – The Grand Finale

Hello again Cruiserweight fans and welcome to my recap of the two hour finale of the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

The show opened with a video narrated by Triple H, he talks up all four semi finalists being from four different countries all fighting to be the best in the world.

Inside the Full Sail Arena Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcomes everyone to the show, Ibushi was signaled as the favourite to win the tournament (we all know what that means!) and TJ Perkins was the underdog in his previous matches but has deservedly made it to semi finals.

Another video package aired with all for semi finalists talking about what it would mean to win the tournament followed by the first semi final of the evening, Zack Sabre JR taking on Gran Metalik.

Great match with an ending that seemed telegraphed considering WWE has Metalik signed but not ZSJ. The in ring interview was a nice touch and added to the sports like feel although it would have been nice to have heard from Zack too. I’m not a fan of the medal, it just didn’t look right.

Next up Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano spoke about their match taking place later in the evening against Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar. They said they are both cleared to wrestle and ready to go tonight but they only have one thing on their mind and that is The Revival.

Second semi final match is next, Kota Ibushi Vs TJ Perkins in what should be an outstanding bout.

WOW an amazing match as expected, Ibushi’s dead lift German suplex from the second rope was possibly my favourite spot in the entire tournament. It looks as though Ibushi has not signed with WWE, he has spoken in the Japanese press that he was offered a deal but had not signed it. If you had him under contract you have him win the tournament, its as simple as that! Perkins was great showing a more business like approach with no dabbing involved.

Alexander and Dar were interviewed backstage basically saying that if they win it will be seen as an upset but that’s not how it is.

The match pitting Ciampa and Gargano against Alexander and Dar was next.

Good lord, my heart can not take much more of this! A fantastic match which I’m sure was a blast to see in person. All four guys are going to be stand outs on the Cruiserweight Division on Raw and they deserved to be showcased on the final show. The angle with The Revival was well done and keeps eyes on the tag feud on NXT and basically tells viewers that Gargano and Ciampa will do double duty between Raw and NXT.

William Regal was interviewed by Mauro and Daniel.

Nothing major to note other than they came close to breaking kayfabe but not a massive deal really.

Ring entrances for the Finalists took place with both competitors getting a good reaction, just as the match is about to start Triple H’s music played.

I’m not a fan of the interruption, Triple H could have made his grand entrance prior to the finalists coming out but this just seems like he was shown as the bigger star.

Now the match is for the Cruiserweight title (belt looks odd but to be fair most of the new belts do, give me the winged eagle belt god dammit)

Good God an amazing match, not the best in the tournament but still brilliant. A logical ending with a happy ending to the story being told of Perkins being made homeless and overcoming all of the obstacles in his life to being the best cruiserweight in the world. It also helps that Perkins is signed to a WWE deal and speaks English, is a good looking guy and marketable. Metalik will do very well in WWE and will stand out on Raw as long as he is given a chance to flourish and not be fed to the monsters just because he sells well and can bounce around.

This tournament has to be seen as a massive success and has served a great purpose for WWE. I hope the rumours of Women’s wrestling tournament come to fruition and maybe even have the Dusty Tag Classic be given its own show outside of NXT. Both tournaments could use contracted performers from the main roster and NXT as well as the Indies, I really hope they follow the blueprint set by the CWC as they will be on to a guaranteed winner!

I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of the CWC if you would like to discuss my opinions give me a shout at



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