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Raw Recap – 9/19/16; Raw Before the Clash!

The last Raw before Clash of Champions featured a Four Way number one contender’s match for the Cruiserweight Championship and a Steel Cage match between Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns kicks off tonight’s Raw from Memphis. He’s pretty pissed off and as soon as he was about to let loose Stephanie McMahon comes out and before she can get her thoughts out she is interrupted by Mick Foley. The Raw GM tries to rally the troops in a way. He tells Roman that if he and the other Superstars can’t trust him at his words, the SmackDown Live will take over as the flagship show for WWE. To make things up to Roman he gives him a rematch with Kevin Owens tonight! Stephanie isn’t too keen on the idea but in the end she says Foley is the one in charge BUT this will be a non-title match. Foley one ups that stipulation by making tonight’s main event a steel cage match! Kevin Owens is on the rant beside himself with anger. Just as Owens is about to blow a gasket Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring for his match against US Champion Rusev.

Backstage Stephanie McMahon isn’t too happy with the idea of Kevin Owens in a steel cage match six days before Raw’s Clash of Champions match. Rusev comes hollering down the hallway upset that Foley gave Reigns another shot at his US Title at Clash of Champions. Rusev says Foley is jealous of his non-existent family and his wife who is starring alongside Edge in a WWE film. (nice plug)

Very interesting to see Rollins and Rusev against each other. Perhaps WWE is slowly trying to turn Rollins to a face? Rusev targeted the back of Rollins for the majority of the match. Rollins tried using quick offense but it really wasn’t getting him anywhere. Coming back from commercial break and the action begins to quicken as Rollins dives to the outside twice. Both men continue to brawl ignoring the referee’s ten count. This one ends with a double countout. Rusev decides to send a message to Roman Reigns by powerbombing Rollins through the announcer’s table but Rollins gets out and hits Rusev with a crossbody off the table.

Foley informs Women’s Champion Charlotte that her match at Clash of Champions is now a Triple Threat Match vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley. Foley gives credit to Dana Brooke who catches a shove to the floor from Charlotte.

Adding fuel to the Women’s title scene Charlotte and Dana teamed up to face Bayley and Sasha. This was a really good match. One would think they would use descension as a creative tactic but both teams worked together smoothly. Charlotte and Dana did a very good job of targeting Sasha’s injured back. This time Dana actually came through for her team as she blocked a Bayley to Belly on Charlotte giving the champ enough time to hit a wicked boot for the win.

Seth Rollins still thinks Stephanie was in on her husband and he just wants to know why. Stephanie obviously annoyed with the constant accusations tells Seth that maybe Hunter just got tired of Seth ruining his reputation by constantly dropping the ball. Seth says ever since Shane showed up she’s been losing her edge.

Bo Dallas defeated enhancement talent Gary Graham.

Sheamus and Cesaro continued their Best of 7 series in another phenomenal match. With Sheamus controlling much of the offense specifically targeting the weak back of Cesaro. Sheamus pulled out a powerbomb drop over his knee that looked absolutely vicious. Sheamus slipped and tried to slingshot back into the ring and got caught with an uppercut. Cesaro hits Sheamus with the Gotch Neutralizer for the win. Cesaro has come back from a 3-0 deficit to tie. The final match will take place Sunday at Clash of Championship.

Jericho came out to recite his “list”. Originally the list was supposed to be filled with grievances against Raw GM Mick Foley but damn near every tag team on the Raw Roster turning the list into a “List of Stupid Idiots” involving everyone in the ring. Sami Zayn runs down Jericho as we go to break.

Coming back from break and damn near everyone is in the ring for what looked like a billion man tag team match. Tons of high spots to get the crowd fired up. It’s incredible how popular The New Day still is with the crowd. It’s the same deal every single week and people LOVE it. Good for them.

Finally, the Cruiserweights are here. What a way to introduce four new competitors as Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, and The Brian Kendrick faced off in a Fatal Four Way. The winner will take on TJ Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship at Clash of Champions. Basically what you would expect. Dives, hard strikes, counters, flips, the whole nine. In the end Brian Kendrick picked up the W with his Captain’s Hook submission. Surprised with the winner however the wealth of experience guarantees the match at Clash of Champions goes smooth with 30+ years of in ring knowledge between Perkins and Kendrick. Insane. So happy the Cruiserweight Division is back.

The steel cage main event was highly enjoyable. Roman Reigns has really put together a great string of matches since coming back. As good as this match was I hate the idea of the winner being decided basically by a sprint to who can get out first. At least when it’s happening on opposite sides of the ring. This is why a win really doesn’t hurt Owens in my book. He wasn’t pinned. As Roman is coming to on the outside down comes Rusev who attacks Roman. After beating Roman down Rusev rolls him in the ring to a waiting Kevin Owens who isn’t happy he lost the match. As Owens is beating Roman down Rusev is locking a chain around the cage door. Rusev puts Reigns in the Accolade as Kevin Owens trash talks. Suddenly the music of Seth Rollins hits and my God he is coming down to make the save! He scales the cage like Spiderman and fights off Owens and Rusev. As both men begin to stand Rollins dives off the top of the cage with a crazy crossbody! Raw closes with all four men sprawled about in the ring.

I thought this week’s Raw really made up for a string of lackluster shows for the past week. Although it may feel there was not much of a build up for Clash of Champions, the card has a few good matches to look forward to. What did you think of tonight’s Raw? Comment below or reach out to us on social media:

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