SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live Recap – 9/20/16; Show…Off.

Miz defends the Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler! Dean Ambrose and John Cena face off for the first time ever!

The show begins with Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring for a contract signing for the Women’s Championship at No Mercy. Alexa Bliss, the number one contender, threw some serious shots at the Champion Becky Lynch saying she is not made to be a champion, she’s made to be a loser. Lynch’s rebuttal is some of the best mic work I’ve seen from any of the ladies this year. She agrees she was not born to be a champion but she has fought to be one and at No Mercy if Alexa tries to take the title from her she is going to rip Alexa’s head off. That promo legit gave me goosebumps. Well done. Not to be dismissed is Alexa playing up a fear while Becky was delivering her words only to blindside her with a cheap shot attack before signing the contract. She exits up the ramp thinking she is in the clear when Becky pounces on her and pounds away. The Champion gets back in the ring and signs the contract and stands tall.

Backstage The Miz confronts Daniel Bryan with a bone to pick with him over putting him in an IC Title match tonight. Bryan says if Miz has a problem he can just simply forfeit the title. We all know Miz isn’t going to do that.

The Usos took on American Alpha in a very good match. Usos have rejuvenated themselves with their new sinister persona and they’ve topped it off by transitioning completely as heels with dirty tactics in the ring. This was a clinic by The Usos on how to tell a story by targeting a limb. They took out Gable of AA by mangling his knee and even though he’s cleared to compete there is no way he is 100%. Usos target the injured knee and basically render Gable useless in the match. Jason Jordan tried to carry the load of his team by refusing a tag out from Gable. In the end Usos were too much for Jordan who succumbs to a Superkick/Samoan Splash combo.

Usos confront Rhyno and Slater in the back trying to punk them out before No Mercy.

Baron Corbin dominated Apollo Crews in a match. Corbin was just vicious.

Time for the first main event of tonight’s show as Dolph Ziggler challenges The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Fantastic physical contest filled near falls to keep you on the edge of your seat. Excellent stuff from The Miz mocking Daniel Bryan. This match was complete with Maryse getting caught in the act and getting the boot plus great outside action to set up the closing. Before Maryse got the boot from the referee she dropped what look to be a bottle of hairspray in the ring. Dolph rolls Miz back in the ring who tried to escape with the IC belt. As the referee is removing the belt from the ring so it can’t be used Miz sprays Dolph right in the eye with the hairspray. Miz lands the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Miz retains the Intercontinental Championship in a great match. Definitely worth the watch.

Randy Orton faced Erick Rowan. The early onset of this match was all Rowan. However after some brawling outside Rowan made the mistake of rolling Orton into the ring first. Orton drops Rowan with a guillotine DDT followed up by an RKO for the win.

Following the match Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen and said Orton cannot destroy him because he is a God and all the spooky stuff Bray usually talks about.

We were supposed to have a Women’s tag match with Nikki Bella and Naomi taking on Natalya and Carmella but the match ended in a no contest about two minutes in. Carmella dragged Nikki to the outside of the ring (while her partner Natalya was about to win the match) and began beating her down outside. The referee called for the bell.

Time for tonight’s second and final main event of the night as John Cena and Dean Ambrose meet for the first time ever. The match itself was decent but nothing spectacular. Certainly not better than Dolph/Miz from earlier tonight. I found it interesting both men kicked out of the other’s finishers. Also very surprised to see Ambrose get the win with a roll up. Cena hasn’t had the best of luck winning matches as of late.

Through the crowd comes WWE World Champion AJ Styles who clobbers Cena with a Phenomenal Forearm. He enters the ring and hits Ambrose with a Pele Kick. Just as AJ begins to gloat Daniel Bryan comes out with a huge announcement. Shane McMahon promised Ambrose a rematch for the WWE World Championship he lost at Backlash. That match will happen next week live on SmackDown!

Another solid episode of SmackDown with the Dolph/Miz match stealing the show, no pun intended Dolph. What did you think of the show? Comment below or send us your thoughts on social media!:

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