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WWE No Mercy 2016 Recap and Review

Tonight the WWE Championship is defended in a Triple Threat match, Dolph Ziggler puts his career on the line, and so much more tonight at No Mercy!

No Mercy Kickoff Show

-Curt Hawkins stepped in the ring for the first time since returning to the WWE, and by stepped in I literally mean stepped inside the ring to announce that he will have his first match this coming Tuesday on SmackDown Live. Okay then.

-The Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss has been postponed due to injury. They will have this match November 8 when SmackDown Live takes place in Glasgow, Scotland.

-It is announced that the WWE Championship match will actually kickoff the Pay Per View. Interesting.

American Alpha and The Hype Bros vs. The Ascension and The Vaudevillains

American Alpha will be one of those teams that will redefine what we’ve been used to getting in modern day WWE tag team wrestling. Very reminiscent of The Rockers with quick synchronized offense. I can’t decide if Mojo Rawley’s offensive style is effective or actually offensive. Speaking of throwback teams The Ascension are much like a new generation Demolition. When will they dominate like they did in NXT? Not much of a showcase from The Vaudevillains. The final minute of the match was a blitzkrieg of offense from the good guys ending with American Alpha hitting Grand Amplitude for the win. Entertaining.

No Mercy 2016

AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship

I’m so confused as to why this match is kicking off the show but I’m thinking simply by the fact that commentary keeps mentioning it, this is for a reason. After the pre match introductions the action went 0-100 real quick from all three men. Remember in a Triple Threat match there are no disqualifications. Cena broke out a new move, a toss over the shoulder into a cutter. Styles countered an AA into a Pele Kick. Cena breaks out the Code Red/Yoshi Tonic! Styles lands the Spinning Rack Powerbomb for a two count! Ambrose is….somewhere. German suplex into a wheelbarrow facebuster from Styles followed by a facebuster from Ambrose. There seriously is no slowing down in this match from either man. Styles takes complete control of the match with a wicked suplex to Cena to the outside then a springboard 450 to Ambrose. Just as Styles hits the Styles Clash on Ambrose Cena sneaks in and traps Styles in the STF. Before Styles can tap Ambrose blocks his hand and all hell breaks loose from there. Styles wiggles out of the AA and turns it into a calf crusher! Ambrose blocks another tap out and locks a calf crusher in on Styles! Cena comes in locks in the STF on Styles while Ambrose still has the calf crusher locked in! Styles taps and the referee calls for the bell! Both Cena and Ambrose believe they are the winners. The referee declares there is no winner yet and the match is to be restarted! Cena and Ambrose go to town on each other. Cena drags Ambrose’s body to the top rope and lands an Avalanche AA. In the same moment Styles reenters the ring with a steel chair and attacks Cena! He pins Cena’s shoulders to the ground and the referee counts three! AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship in a very fast paced, exciting match.

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

A surprisingly physical match between both women. Carmella did a great job targeting the neck of Nikki Bella which is what kept her out of action for quite sometime. It almost looked as though Carmella was going to come away with a victory when she had her Code of Silence which again specifically targets the neck. Nikki was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold and gain the upperhand on offense. She hits her Rack Attack 2.0 and gets the win.

Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs. The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

Really really entertaining match that helped Slater and Rhyno solidify themselves as a solid tag team and deserving champions. The Usos as always remained entertaining and even with this new attitude change they maximize on the time they are given. Slater has a really great hot tag and the team with Rhyno has accentuated his positives. Usos looked to be the winners as they have Slater locked in the Tequila Sunrise submission but Rhyno blasted one of the Usos on the outside before he could finish Slater off with a Splash. Rhyno comes in and gets his partner out of trouble and as what’s become the norm hits the GORE for the win. Nothing special but solid work.


Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger

Oh man I tuned out of this one really early. Corbin did do a great job sort of bending the rules in his favor. Who knew smashing a hand in the steps would be an effective way to target a body part in a match? his one is worthy of a fast forward.

The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship – If Dolph loses he leaves the WWE.

What a match. What was great about it was it slowly built to a climax where both men were literally leaving it all in the ring. When you think one man has the match won the other comes back to swing the favor his way. Miz did everything he could to win. He targeted Dolph’s knee leaving him on one leg, having Maryse get involved, as well as have the Spirit Squad interrupt and distract the referee. The plan of distracting the referee backfired as the referee banished all three to the back. Miz throws a tantrum but turns right into a superkick. 1…2…3! Dolph wins a fantastic match and is the new Intercontinental Champion.

Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Naomi is filling in for the injured Women’s Champion Becky Lynch who is suffering from an injury unrelated to in ring competition. Naomi starts the match hot with quick athletic offense but was quickly halted from there. The match seemed to really die down with the crowd so much so that when Naomi got the roll up win, you could hear a pin drop. Plus, what is the point of pinning the number one contender? It would’ve worked a lot better the other way around.

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

This match wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything to rave about. Sort of felt to me like a match that would close out a SmackDown Live and not a Pay Per View. No real explanation as to why the Championship match went first but with that, Miz and Dolph could have easily close the show on a high note. Bray and Orton did a lot of things out of the ring and the match was very physical it just didn’t connect the way you would expect with such a great build up. The end came with the lights going out and Luke Harper appearing in the middle of the ring. Randy turns right into a Sister Abigail and gets the win. Again, sort of underwhelming with such a great build up.

Show closes with Bray and Harper celebrating at the top of the ramp. What were your thoughts on the show? Comment below or reach out to us on social media:

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