RAW Recap – 10/24/16: Last Show Before Hell in a Cell!

Raw is in Minneapolis tonight which is home to the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar, who just happens to be in the house tonight! That and more tonight just six days away from Hell in a Cell!

Stop the presses! Call the cops! Someone stole Chris Jericho’s list. Wait, no worries, Seth Rollins has the list. Wait that can’t be good either. Rollins goes on to cut a magnificent promo really doing a good selling the match. I’m also interested in what’s to come involving Rollins, Stephanie, and Triple H. He wants to burn the establishment to the ground. What’s not to love about that?

Enzo Amore faced Karl Anderson in singles action. While Enzo and Big Cass were doing their usual SAWFT bit Gallows and Anderson cut their mics. Enzo shows he doesn’t need a mic to get the crowd on their feet. The entire audience does the SAWFT but word for word. It was pretty impressive if I say so myself. The match itself wasn’t anything special. While the referee was distracted Big Cass hits Anderson with a big boot and Enzo gets the pin for a three count. This further pushes the narrative that Enzo will have no success unless Big Cass is there to do the dirty work.

Rusev cut a pre-taped promo for his match against Roman Reigns Sunday inside Hell in a Cell.

The New Day faced Sheamus and Cesaro which still confuses me since they’ll be opponents at Hell in a Cell Sunday. I just…don’t…get it. The match was very good so I have something else to look forward to on Sunday. Big E slingshot Kofi to the outside but Cesaro hit him with one of the most devastating uppercuts I’ve ever seen. Sheamus hits Big E with a Brogue Kick for the win. Rather than looking at this like a team effort and have momentum going into Sunday, Sheamus and Cesaro bicker about who got the win for the team.

Dana Brooke challenged Bayley to an arm wrestling match but ended jumping her when Bayley looked like she was going to win. Bayley hit Dana with the Bayley to Belly and Dana retreats in fear.

Jericho still hasn’t found his list since Rollins refused to return it. He informs Stephanie that if he doesn’t get the list he will not compete in tonight’s triple threat main event. Stephanie tells Jericho that if he does not compete he is suspended.

Curtis Axel faced his former friend Bo Dallas. Before the match Axel cut a very passionate promo about his family’s legacy (Grandfather: Larry “the Axe” Hennig Father: Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig) and wrestling in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Too bad that passion couldn’t turn itself into a win as Bo gets the win via roll up.

Good News: Jericho found his list. Bad News: Braun Strowman has it. Luckily all Jericho had to do to get it back was say please. I hope Braun didn’t catch that he himself made the list for touching Jericho’s property.

The Golden Truth faced The Shining Stars in tag team action. Pretty good match. I’d really like to see more of The Shining Stars. I’m a big fan of solid, crisp tandem tag offense. Golden Truth get the W.

Contract signing time between Charlotte and Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. I’m probably in the minority but I really enjoyed that segment. Maybe it would have helped if the segment was a little shorter but I enjoyed it’s purpose. Mick Foley was out there to moderate the proceedings and ended up giving a very passionate speech about how the Hell in a Cell changes a person, and usually not in a good way. Foley is basically a walking (barely) billboard for what this match can do to a competitor. Despite the warnings both women sign for the match Sunday in Boston.

The Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann had a very competitive match while Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins discussed his upcoming match at Hell in a Cell against Kendrick. Again the match was fast paced and very competitive. Somewhat surprising to see the number one contender get the lost in this one. Later on in the show Kendrick would ask Perkins to throw their match on Sunday because this may be Kendrick’s last shot in the WWE. Throw a match? That’s certainly something different. Will Perkins have a soft spot and sacrifice his Championship? Interesting.

Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman were supposed to have a match. Strowman got on the mic and basically dismissed Zayn as competition. Sami baits Strowman into attacking him by giving him a shove and making him play a game of cat and mouse game around the ring. Sami made the mistake of going to the air which allowed Strowman to catch him like a baby. He tosses Sami into the barricade like a rag doll and thus ends the confrontation.

Brock Lesnar made an appearance for his hometown crowd and of course with Paul Heyman by his side. It was the typical Heyman selling his client as the unstoppable monster that no icon or legend can stop. Heyman and Lesnar become irritated with the audible Goldberg chants coming from the crowd. Both men take it as almost disrespect that Brock’s hometown crowd, the same fans who chant Suplex City would dare chant Goldberg in the presence of Brock Lesnar. The crowd then breaks out in a “Goldberg sucks” chant but Brock and Heyman exit the ring. Kind of dumb to waste a Lesnar appearance for that.

Triple Threat main event time between Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Nothing noteworthy about this match however Jericho and Owens really did a number on Rollins just six days away from Hell in a Cell. The wit and quickness of Rollins however allowed him to get the win over both men with a float over powerbomb in the corner. Can’t remember the last time I seen someone win a triple threat covering both his opponents.

After the match Rollins and Owens get into an intense brawl that ended with Owens powerbombing Rollins on the outside apron. Things are not looking good for Seth Rollins just six days away from Hell in a Cell.

What did you think of tonight’s RAW?


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