SmackDown Live Recap – 10/25/16

Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles headlines this episode of SmackDown Live! If Ambrose can beat Styles he becomes the number one contender for the WWE World Championship.

The show opens with James Ellsworth thanking Dean Ambrose for all of his help during James’ two match against WWE Champion AJ Styles. Ellsworth would like to return the favor by being in Dean’s corner during his match tonight against Styles. Ambrose politely declined and thought Ellsworth would be better suited watching the match from the back.

Kane took on Bray Wyatt in a No DQ Match. During the early goings of the bout Luke Harper appeared to stack the deck against Kane. Just a few moments later Randy Orton came down to the ring to even the odds. It looked as though Kane was going to go for the Chokeslam while Orton was prepping for an RKO. Suddenly Orton goes and RKO’s Kane! This certainly was unexpected. Even Bray and Luke are shocked. Wyatt pins Kane and gets the three count. Really weird.

Becky Lynch returned to SmackDown Live and had a face to face confrontation with her opponent in Glasgow in two weeks, Alexa Bliss. The two ladies trade barbs back and forth. Becky telling Alexa she’s going to rip her arms out of her socket and Alexa accusing Becky ducking her because she’s a con artist. Alexa tries to sucker punch Lynch but it was to no avail. The brawl spills outside where Alexa gets the upper hand targeting Becky’s back. Alexa rolls Becky back into the ring and hits her with a DDT. She returns with an aerosol can that’s actually spray paint. Yellow spray paint. She paints a yellow streak down the back of Becky Lynch. Harsh.

The Ascension faced The Hype Bros in a Survivor Series Tag Team Qualifying Match. The winners will join other SmackDown tag teams to face RAW tag teams in a Survivor Series elimination match. The Hype Bros get the win with the Hype Ryder in a pretty decent short match.

Randy Orton described his actions earlier as, “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

Natalya met with Daniel Bryan to discuss an idea she had, she would like to named the captain of the SmackDown Live Women’s Survivor Series team. Daniel one ups her idea with this stipulation: the winner of Natalya vs. Nikki Bella will be the SD Women’s Team Captain. However the loser…will not be on the team at all.

The match was quite good, very competitive. I LOVED the ending with Nikki powering out of the surfboard and transitioning smoothly into an STF. Amazing.

The Spirit Squad faced Rhyno and Heath Slater for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship. Fun match. Interesting how Rhyno is always the guy to get the pin. Mikey can sell the hell out of a Gore.

Tonight’s main event saw Dean Ambrose take on WWE Champion AJ Styles. This is a non title match however if Ambrose wins he becomes the #1 contender. I’ve said this a million times and I have no problem saying it again: AJ Styles can make ANYONE look like a bonafide star. It’s been a while since anyone could argue the best performer in pro wrestling comes from WWE but Styles easily makes the case. Tonight’s match was great. At first one would think the presence of Ellsworth, who was later granted the chance to accompany Ambrose to ringside, really got inside the head of Styles but by the end of it Ellsworth could have easily been a part of Styles’ game plan. Towards the final moments AJ wiped out Ellsworth with a basement drop kick to the mush of Ellsworth on the outside. After attempting a Phenomenal Forearm that was unsuccessful, Styles finds himself outside where James Ellsworth snaps and hits AJ with No Chin Music. Awesome….except he did it right in front of the referee! Despite the pleas from Ambrose the referee calls a disqualification against Dean Ambrose.

The show ends with Ambrose pissed off with Ellsworth who looks like he’s about to cry.

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