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NXT TakeOver: Toronto Recap and Review

Tonight we kick off Survivor Series weekend with NXT TakeOver: Toronto! Nakamura vs. Joe! Asuka vs. Mickie James! The Finals of the Dusty Classic and more!
Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger

Fantastic way to begin the show. Obviously the crowd was going to be invested in the match being that both men hail from Canada. The pacing was even and flowed so well with great back and forth action. Roode did a very good job working the neck of Dillinger while Dillinger kept the fight going as the underdog. What made this match so good was that it wasn’t anything flashy but it was so crisp. It had it’s major moments like a great superplex off the top rope from Roode as well as a Sharpshooter from Dillinger. The ending came with Roode ducking Dillinger in the corner causing Dillinger to further damage his neck. Roode tosses Dillinger into the corner post then plants him with an Impaler DDT. Again a great way to start the show with some great back and forth wrestling.

//**Roode – Blame iPhone autocrrect)
Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Authors of Pain vs. TM 61

The action starts off hot with Miller and Thorne taking the fight right to AoP. Keep in mind Ellering is suspended thirteen feet in the air in a cage so he cannot be a factor. Since their opening round of this year’s Dusty Classic I’ve become a big fan of the Authors of Pain. Big monstrous guys who can work faster paced matches with no problem. Shane Thorne of TM 61 made sure to keep the crowd on their feet by leaping off the cage support beams into the arms of AoP. Remember when I said Paul Ellering wasn’t going to be a factor? Well I was wrong, sort of. He detaches the chain locking the cage and tosses in the ring for one of the members of AoP. The chain was about to bring AoP the victory but Nick Miller is able to block it sending the chain into the crowd. After an unsuccessful pin attempt AoP kicks Miller off the apron and hits Thorne with their Last Chapter finisher for the win. Authors of Pain are joined by Triple H, NXT GM William Regal, and Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust.

The Revival (c) vs. DIY – 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Match of the night. No use even recapping this one. Everything was absolutely flawless. This match is worth signing up for the Network, I am not even kidding. Should I even spoil who won? Seriously go watch this match. Now.

Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James for the NXT Women’s Championship

Tremendous reception for Mickie James who has not competed in a WWE affiliated ring in six years. Asuka comes down to the ring, her swagger going off the charts. The sea of Asuka masks in the first three rows just adds to her overall presentation that Asuka brings. Mickie is incredible shape. Action starts off super quick with both women going the route of trying to out do the other. For the first time since arriving in NXT it looks as though Asuka has met someone who could take her off her game. Asuka retreats to the outside and James holds the ropes open inviting her back in. Asuka enters through the ropes underneath. Later on the same scenario happens just reverse and when James tries to reenter Asuka goes right on the attack. The harder Asuka hits the louder Mickie asks for more this is incredible. Asuka is throwing out her complete arsenal against Mickie and Mickie is taking every bit of it and dishing it back. The finish comes with Asuka trying to get Mickie to submit using the Asuka Lock. She tried to reverse the hold as many times as a person can but in the end Mickie taps. This was a fantastic match especially considering the match both women had to follow. The only negative was there was no suspense leading up to Mickie tapping. Not enough time to contemplate whether Mickie was going to fight out of the Asuka Lock or tap. Other than that I would love to see these two go again. Really fun.

Main Event: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship

Shinsuke Nakamura with another goosebump inducing entrance, surrounded by violinists flowing with his every move as they play his theme. The crowd as usual is on key just adding to the spectacle that is Shinsuke Nakamura. You want to talk about a straight up brawl this is it. Starts off almost like an boxing/MMA bout with both men going for heavy strikes and clinching against the ropes. Samoa Joe does a great job in the beginning of the match going after Nakamura’s leg. Despite the pain Nakamura keeps bringing the super heavy strikes to Joe, taking Joe off his game temporarily. Joe fights back and gets a flurry of offense in. Three different suplex variations in succession, then keeping the match on the ground with submissions. Nakamura threw two Kinsasha strikes but couldn’t keep Joe down for the three count. Action spills outside and the referee goes to check on Joe. Nakamura goes to the outside as well because his plan was to show Joe no mercy. Joe shoves the referee out of the way and kicks Shinsuke below the belt while the referee is recovering. Joe hits Nakamura with a vicious uranage on the steel steps. Joe rolls Nakamura back into the ring, hoists him up on the corner turnbuckle, and drops him like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the ring with a Muscle Buster. 1…2…3! Samoa Joe wins and regains the NXT Championship to a stunned crowd. The show closes with Joe celebrating his huge title win. Great match if you are a fan of hard hitting, stiff striking wrestling.

Over I thought this was a fantastic TakeOver special. I don’t know how they do it, but when it comes to these specials NXT knocks it out of the park every single time.

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