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WWE Survivor Series 2016 Recap and Review

Tonight brand supremacy is on the line as the men, women, and tag teams from Raw and SmackDown Live will face each other in traditional Survivor Series elimination matches! Brock Lesnar faces Goldberg who steps back in the ring for the first time in twelve years!

Survivor Series Kickoff Match – Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese vs. Rich Swann, Noam Dar, and TJ Perkins

Corey Graves put it best when he said that this match is like an appetizer for 205 Live, the Cruiserweight exclusive show debuting next Tuesday. Let’s hope the new show can help gain more fans because for the majority of this match the Toronto crowd was dead silent. Let’s just chalk that up to the crowd still filing into the venue. The high flying spots woke the crowd up. It was capped off with a standing 450 splash from Rich Swann to Daivari for the win.

Survivor Series Kickoff Match – Kane vs. Luke Harper

This was a really good match if you’re a fan of two big guys who can work. Speaking of big men who can work, it’s great to see Luke Harper back doing what he does. Flying through the ropes, superplexes, sentons, yes the big man is back. Shocked to see Kane get the win with the Chokeslam.

Survivor Series 2016

Women’s Survivor Series Match

Prior to the match someone jumped Nikki Bella from behind so Natalya stepped in her place. Dysfunction on the Raw team early on causing a brawl between all ten women. Nia Jax is an absolute beast. Alicia Fox pins Carmella for the first elimination. Alexa Bliss comes in and eliminates Fox with the Sparkle Splash. Naomi was eliminated next via count out thanks to Nia Jax mashing her face in the post then to the floor. Natalya eliminated Sasha Banks via roll up thanks to a distraction from Bliss. Charlotte comes in and has a great sequence with Natalya and eliminates her with a huge boot. Nia Jax with an unbelievable show of power suplexing Bliss and Lynch at the same time. Becky fights back and gets Jax on the ground and right into the Disarmer submission. Nia taps! She’s so pissed she pulls Becky to the outside and tosses her into the barricade. Charlotte smashes Bliss with a big boot and eliminates her. We’re down to Becky Lynch vs. Bayley and Charlotte. Lynch tried locking in the Disarmer on Bayley but Bayley is able to fight it off and hit Lynch with the Bayley to Belly. 1…2…3! Raw Women’s Team wins this one.

Right after the match Charlotte sucker punches Bayley and starts laying a huge beat down. Perhaps a little foreshadowing into the next Raw Women’s feud.

I really enjoyed this Survivor Series match. It was neat to see the crowd split via Raw and SmackDown.

The Miz (c) w/ Maryse vs. Sami Zayn

As I tweeted during the match, Miz is one guy who went from hating with of a passion to loving his body of work as of late. I love the call backs to Daniel Bryan by taking his moves. I feel like something is coming between those two. This was a great match both technically and pace. Both men kept the crowd invested. Miz did a wonderful job working the leg of Zayn which definitely played a part in the match. Both men traded Figure Four spots and while Zayn had his locked in the ring bell mysteriously sounds off. Camera pans over and finds Maryse in the timekeepers area. In the ring Zayn is celebrating because he does not realize what has happened, he thinks he won. Miz scoops him up schoolboy style for the 1, 2, 3! Miz retains. Montreal screwjob because Canada, get it?!

Tag Team Survivor Series Match

Right off the bat Breezango get eliminated. One of the Usos come in, hits Kofi with a huge boot and eliminates The New Day! Wait, the Raw team captains have been eliminated! Gallows and Anderson eliminate The Hype Bros with the Magic Killer. Raw team really working well together. Crowd really wants Heath Slater. American Alpha eliminate The Shining Stars with a top rope Bulldog Electric Chair combo. After that all hell breaks loose. Bodies are flying outside everywhere. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Jason Jordan and eliminate American Alpha. Gallows inadvertently knocks Enzo off the apron which starts an argument amongst the team. Gallows turns right into a GORE! Gallows and Anderson are eliminated! Rhyno turns into a big boot from Big Cass which steps up the assisted splash from Enzo. Heath and Rhyno are eliminated. Enzo gets up and BAM! Gets hit with a double superkick from The Usos. Enzo and Big Cass are eliminated. We’re down to The Usos and Sheamus and Cesaro. From there these two teams go all out. Cesaro somehow is able to reverse a Tequila Sunrise submission into a Sharpshooter. Is there nothing this man can’t do?! Before Jimmy could break the hold with a superkick Sheamus intercepts with a Brogue Kick! Jey taps! Team Raw wins the Tag Team Survivor Series match. Another fantastic fun elimination match.

The Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship

Crowd was pretty dead for this one up until Kalisto busted out a standing Spanish Fly off the apron to the outside. Back in the ring Kalisto tried a Salida Del Sol from the top but Kendrick reversed it into a float over take down into the Captain’s Hook submission. Very suspenseful spot which saw Kalisto get to the rope. Kalisto regained the offense and almost had the match won with the Salida Del Sol. Suddenly Baron Corbin appears and attacks Brian Kendrick then hitting Kalisto with the End of Days! Referee calls for the bell and Kendrick wins via DQ. Not mad at the finish.

Men’s Survivor Series Match

The beginning of the contest was pretty basic highlighted by a great standoff sequence between Ambrose and Rollins. Shane McMahon got in there and just got the hell beat out of him by Roman Reigns. We go into complete standoff mode before an all out brawl. Sick dives everywhere this is nuts. Listen how can someone keep track of this car crash is beyond me. AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose get into it which causes Dean to get decimated and eliminated by Braun Strowman. Finally it happens. Bray vs. Braun. The action spills outside and Orton hits Braun with an RKO over the commentary table. Orton and Bray hold Braun down on the table allowing Shane to hit an incredible diving elbow from the corner turnbuckle. My god. Braun tries to get back in the ring but for some reason he can’t. The referee counts to ten and Braun is eliminated via count out! Someone is underneath the ring holding Braun’s foot! Holy (bleep) it’s James Ellsworth! Strowman hunts Ellsworth down to the top of the stage. Braun grabs ahold of Ellsworth and launches him off the stage crashing into tables. Wow. Folks the crazy doesn’t stop. Kevin Owens loses his marbles and attacks Styles with the List of Jericho causing him to get disqualified and eliminated. This basically leaves Roman and Seth to defend the Raw flag. Fast forward to Shane (who was dead for about ten minutes) putting up a fight against Roman Reigns. The set up is perfect, it is time for Shane McMahon’s Coast to Coast. He launches off the turnbuckle and before Roman hits him with the most devastating Spear I have ever seen. Roman hit Shane so hard he can’t even continue the match. The rest of the match broke down like this (it was really hard to keep up): Dean Ambrose reemerges attacking AJ Styles. Security tried to stop him but then Rollins and Reigns helps Dean destroy security. Ladies and gentlemen The Shield are back together, although temporary, delivering a Shield Powerbomb to Styles through a commentary table. Rollins pins Styles and he is eliminated. This leaves Rollins and Reigns vs. Wyatt and Orton. Rollins and Reigns stand firm but out of nowhere Luke Harper shows up. They try and neutralize Harper but he did get some shots in. Rollins fights valiantly and has Bray set up for a frog splash off the top. He dives off the top and BOOM Orton drops Rollins with an RKO. Bray covers Rollins and Seth is eliminated. Roman went to Spear Bray but Orton pushes Bray taking the shot. Bray traps Roman and hits him with Sister Abigail. 1…2…3! SmackDown Live wins the Survivor Series match! This is what makes Survivor Series so great. Complete unpredictability, fun filled wow moments. This one gets 4 🔥 from me.

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

Shove from Goldberg. Spear. Spear. Jackhammer. 1. 2. 3. Goldberg wins. The arena, the Internet, and the viewers at home are in a complete state of disbelief. I’m speechless. I want to laugh but I don’t know what I’m laughing at really. Wow. Did that happen? The show closes with Goldberg celebrating in the ring with his son.

Overall I thought this was a great show. Not every match blew me away (especially the main event) but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Tag Team and Women’s Survivor Series matches. Good watch.

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