NXT Recap #371 (1/4/17)

This is a special extended episode of NXT which took place from Melbourne, Australia! Tonight we will see The Revival in action along with #DIY defending the Tag Titles against TM61 and Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe do battle for the final time for the NXT Championship inside a steel cage!

The Revival vs. Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss

As Moss and Sabatelli made their way inside the ring The Revival held open the ropes open almost condescendingly which was great. The main thing I was looking for in this match was the progression of Moss and Sabatelli. Both men are making the transition from the NFL to professional wrestling. Sabatelli in particular has been featured a little bit more and it is easy to see why. He has all the makings of a potential money maker for WWE. Athletic obviously, paired with a clean face and a great physique. Moss has the same physical potential as well, he just needs to turn up the charisma. Both men are still ways away from being stars but if WWE gives them 2-3 years of experience with no rush, they could be something.

Huge credit to The Revival. It’s easy to see why they could be the best Tag Team of this generation. Polished Tag offense with small odes to former Tag Teams which get over huge with knowledgeable wrestling fans. Revival pulled off this great spot where Dawson was in trouble, Dash tried pulling him to safety which distracted the referee allowing Dawson to take the eyes of Moss. Simple, effective, and most important, old school. The Revival pick up the win with an impressive transition into The Shatter Machine. Good watch.

Elias Samson and Bobby Roode vs. Buddy Murphy and Tye Dillinger

Every man had something in his character whether good or bad that resonated with the Melbourne crowd. In the case of Elias Samson, and I’ve said this before, give a man who can’t sing or barely play an instrument a mic and guitar and watch the heat just come off him like a rocket sent into orbit. Buddy Murphy may be over with the crowd because he’s Australian but make no mistake about this guy is starting to turn into a very good hand for NXT. His stock may be on the rise. Dillinger is Dillinger, easily one of the most popular talents on NXT right now alongside The Glorious Bobby Roode.

Nothing spectacular about this match but it’s still worth the watch because the crowd was so into it. Dillinger gets the win with the Tye Breaker finisher.

Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon

Really solid performances from all three ladies. Billie Kay with a massive home country reception. No matter what she did to heel it up the crowd was all about her. I’m turning the corner on Liv Morgan. It could be that I’m not fond of the Jersey gimmick. Nothing is great about New Jersey, it’s time we realize that. However Liv is progressing really well which is probably why she has been working WWE house show loops. Perhaps a call up after the Royal Rumble is in the cards? Ember Moon is Ember Moon and that means she’s damn good. Heavy hitter, fluid, quick, explosive. Man she’s good. Again great performance from all three ladies, much better than I expected. Ember gets the win with her wicked top rope stunner.

#DIY vs. TM61 for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Fantastic match. You had the crowd firmly behind their countrymen TM61 however the crowd could not deny the champs #DIY their due. I’m a huge fan of the NXT Tag Team scene as a whole. The Revival may be the “top guys” but #DIY had a solid defense last week against Tozawa and Tajiri so including this one it looks like NXT wants them to seem like the better team. Even better than The Revival. Much credit goes to TM61 who continuously look like rockstars in their matches. I expect TM61 to be a big deal very soon. #DIY retain with their superkick/knee strike combo.

Both teams shake hands and celebrate.


Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe – Steel Cage Match for the NXT Championship

I’m pretty sure this was the match we saw about two weeks ago or so but whatever. This was a slow paced but very hard hitting battle between both men. There were rumblings that both men were not 100% physically which could have played a part in the pacing of the match but it wasn’t a bad showing. Plenty of times both men put a little extra behind their strikes and the appreciative crowd gave it their approval. The build up to the closing was very well done and the closing sequence was a great stretch. Nakamura comes off the top rope with a Kinsasha, almost exits the cage through the door but decides to close the door and finish things in the cage. Nakamura hits Samoa Joe with a Kinsasha to the back of the head then another final blow to win the match. It felt like the conquering hero slayed the mighty beast to stand victorious. It wasn’t their most intriguing battle but it was good enough.

The show closes with Nakamura celebrating in the ring.

Overall I enjoyed this episode of NXT. Ton of Australian talent for the home country crowd who was hot all night. Each match had something to add to the show. Some say NXT is cold but they still do the best with what they have.

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