Dean Ambrose

SmackDown Live Recap – 1/10/17

American Alpha defend the SmackDown Live Tag Championships against The Wyatt Family plus John Cena and Baron Corbin do battle in the main event!

Tonight’s show kicks off with an Ambrose Asylum segment with the new Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. He announces that he will enter the Royal Rumble. His guest tonight (who he was interrupted by) is former IC Champion The Miz with his wife Maryse. He also announces that he is entering the Royal Rumble although that is not the only reason he is on the Ambrose Asylum. Miz is hoping that Dean as he put it would “come to his senses” and give Miz the Intercontinental Championship back. Miz’s reasoning is last week’s match should have ended in a disqualification (Maryse slapped Dean Ambrose in front of the referee) instead of continuing. Miz is under the impression Dean is going to actually give the Championship back to Miz. What he does return is the Miz Participation Award The Miz gave Dean a few weeks back. Miz doesn’t take too kindly to the joke and proceeds to lay a beating into Ambrose. Miz primes Dean up to receive a slap from Maryse but Dean ducks it at the last second and Miz catches it right on the cheek. Ambrose hits Miz then hands the award over to Maryse before leaving. Great segment.

Before commercial break Nikki Bella was jumped from behind by Natalya.

Back from break and we’re supposed to have a match between Nikki Bella and Natalya but when Nikki hits the ring the two ladies brawl. I’m not talking a hair pulling catfight I’m talking elbows and fists to the skull brawl. Things got so out of hand a group of referees had to come down and separate the two women and even that wasn’t enough. Natalya retaliates a forearm to the face with a nasty chop block to Nikki’s knees. Natalya drags Nikki outside before putting her in a Sharpshooter. Great segment from the ladies.

Backstage with Dolph Ziggler hoping to get an explanation for his actions against Kalisto and Apollo Crews but instead we get an awkward long pause from Dolph followed by him just walking off.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kalisto

This was very different from your normal Dolph Ziggler match. He controlled much of the offense using a series of chain wrestling maneuvers and submissions. While Dolph did control the majority of the match his downfall came when he got baited into a pin that turned into a backslide by Kalisto for the win. Before Kalisto could really celebrate he is beat down by Dolph. Dolph attacks Kalisto win a chair then leaves the ring. As he is making his way up the ramp he is confronted by Apollo Crews and the two men brawl to the ring where Dolph gets the upper hand. Dolph attacks Apollo with a chair then Kalisto again for good measure. He leaves both men laying in the ring.

Dascha Fuentes is in the locker room getting a word from the Tag team Champions American Alpha who have their first title defense against former champions The Wyatt Family. American Alpha say they’re confident they can beat the Wyatts because they have done so before.

Back from break and Renee Young is standing by with John Cena who says he the only thing it has been is a long time since Cena had to fight to prove himself. He is looking to show he is still the man in WWE.

American Alpha (c) vs. The Wyatt Family for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Excellent veteran tag work from Orton and Wyatt. Yes those two. They focused on the smaller Chad Gable, worked him over, kept him away from his corner and partner, and frequently tagged. Jason Jordan got in there off a great hot tag that the crowd went crazy over. Jordan may have the “it factor” to be successful. A distraction from Harper allowed the Wyatt Family to kill the momentum. Gable gets back in the match and cleans house. Before their comeback gets cut off Jason Jordan gets in there to keep things in AA’s favor. Luke Harper gets on the apron to distract the referee while Orton thumbs the eye of Gable. Orton throws Gable into the ropes for his Guillotine DDT and ends up knocking Harper off the apron before spiking Gable. He sets up for the RKO but Harper distracts the referee again and Orton loses it on Harper. Gable rolls up Orton from behind and gets the three count! American Alpha retain and Orton is stunned!

After the match Harper and Orton are about to get into it before they are separated by Bray. The leader of the Wyatt Family can’t control his snake as Orton pushes Bray but right into an ongoing kick in defense from Harper! Bray gets up and he looks pissed. He whispers something to each man and exits the ring. Orton and Harper follow suit. Very good tag match worth the watch.

Baron Corbin vignette specifically aimed at John Cena. Corbin says time is Cena’s enemy and he will see the End of Days. Spooky.

WrestleMania is coming back to New Orleans in 2018! Start saving now folks!

Backstage Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan are trying to figure out the mysterious case of Two La Luchadoras. They are interrupted by Alexa Bliss who says the only reason she wore the costume was to try and figure out who the culprit was. Daniel Bryan is not buying it. Since Becky made Alexa tap again she will be granted a title shot next week. This time to avoid any random La Luchadora interferences, the match will happen inside a steel cage!

Carmella vs. ???

Worst segment on SmackDown Live in quite a while. I can’t unsee it.

AJ Styles will be on commentary for tonight’s main event.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin

So this match was about 80% Corbin and 20% Cena. Basically Corbin beat Cena down, Cena made one comeback, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment, Cena wins. AJ and Cena stare each other down from a distance and the show closes.

Decent show from SmackDown although the main event delivered one of the most anti-climatic main events in recent memory.

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