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WWE UK Championship Tournament Recap – Night One

Tonight is Night One of this historic Tournament highlighting the best wrestlers in the United Kingdom where the winner will be the inaugural United Kingdom Champion.
Triple H kicks off tonight’s festivities with a spotlight on the new United Kingdom Championship title before the first match gets under way.

Trent Seven vs. H.C. Dyer

Very strike heavy match from both men. It’s easy to see why Seven is a favorite to win this tournament, he is the more charismatic of the two. Pretty evenly paced, balanced match on offense. Seven picks up the win with a Seven Star Lariat.

Danny Burch vs. Jordan Devlin

Very interested in this match. Jordan Devlin being a protege of Finn Balor versus Burch who was once a mainstay in NXT. Burch in phenomenal shape. I was really enjoying this match, it was hard hitting, fast, and strategic. Unfortunately this match will be overshadowed by controversy. Devlin catches Burch with an enziguiri that lacerates the back of Burch’s head. Devlin covers him and gets the three count despite Burch getting his shoulders off the mat before the three. Hard to tell if the referee was looking to end the match this way due to the gushing cut of Danny Burch or he legitimately made a bad call. Tough break for Burch. Devlin shakes Burch’s hand during the post match handshake then superkicks him adding insult to injury. What a jerk.

Saxon Huxley vs. Sam Gradwell

Crowd was massively behind Huxley. Another 50/50 offensive match from both men. Surprised Gradwell, who is from Blackpool, isn’t more popular than Huxley. Ton of impressive chain wrestling to start the match. From there it was basically a stand and fight from both men. The brawler Gradwell gets the win with a Diving Headbutt.

Roy Johnson vs. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne has all the makings to be a star anywhere. He has a cocky swagger about him that you can’t help but like. I especially like the idea that he’s a loner who enjoys hurting people. Roy Johnson has a great look to him, I just wish he was a bit quicker on his feet. Still a very hard hitting fun match. Johnson was resilient which added a lot to the match. Big fan of the way Dunne joint manipulation technical style mixed with the heavy strikes. Plus the mouthpiece is cool. Dunne wins with a Pumphandle Flatliner.

Wolfgang vs. Tyson T-Bone

T-Bone starts the match with a headbutt during the pre-match handshake. He kind of reminds me of an English Sandman. Wolfgang moves very well for a man of his size. Wolfgang is only 29 to T-Bone’s 35 so this could be T-Bone’s last shot at glory. For 255 lbs Wolfgang comes off the middle rope with a moonsault ala RVD. From there it was a back and forth battle between both men, jockeying for the upper hand in the corner. Wolfgang dumps T-Bone off the second rope putting him in great position for Wolfgang’s Swanton Bomb and he gets the win. Tomorrow he will face Trent Seven.

James Drake vs. Joseph Conners

Both men similar in size and styles. Drake had a strategy to attack the half ear of Conners while Conners used his quick strikes and his aggression. This match went pretty much back and forth. Conners catches Drake with a clothesline into a backbreaker which sets Drake up for Conners’ Flatliner like finisher Don’t Look Down. Pretty good match. Drake has a great look for TV.

Mark Andrews vs. Dan Moloney

Andrews is probably the most recognizable name in this tournament doing a lot of work in 2016 for American promotions TNA and PWG. Dan Moloney is a bit of brawler with a ton of power, especially over Andrews who is one of the more smaller competitors of the tournament. Moloney did his best to keep Andrews grounded but the speed and striking ability of Andrews is still no match. Andrews advances with a beautiful Shooting Star Press. He will face Joseph Conners in the next round.

Tucker vs. Tyler Bate

Excellent match from these two men. It’s crazy to think that Bate is only 19 years old. Tucker has a great look to him. I feel like Tucker would be a great fit for 205 Live. Quick, great physique, and hard hitting. Bate reminds me of a hard hitting Jack Gallagher, I’m sure there’s a connection there I don’t know about. This match would have been great to put in front of a hot Raw crowd. It was evenly matched and the action kept people on the edge of their seat. Entertaining spot with Bate pulling off an extra long Airplane Spin. Tucker rebounds with a gnarly superkick he calls the Super-Duper Kick that sends Bate to the outside. Tucker rolls him back in and both men have a great sequence of strikes that ends with a rolling Koppu Kick. Bate hits his finisher, the Tyler Driver ’97 Powerbomb for the win. Probably the best match of the night.

To end the night William Regal and Nigel McGuinness announce the matches for Night Two of the U.K. Championship Tournament starting 3pm EST tomorrow. At the end Pete Dunne attacks his opponent tomorrow Sam Gradwell causing chaos to end the show.

Here are the new brackets for tomorrow’s Quarterfinals matchups:

I love this concept. Hard hitting dudes, hot crowd, and the last three matches were really good all in their own way. Tomorrow’s matches all look great. What did you think of Night One of this historic Tournament? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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