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WWE UK Championship Tournament Recap – Night Two (1/15/17)

Night Two is tonight to crown the inaugrial WWE United Kingdom Champion!

If you need to catch up on the action from Night One, get caught up here.

Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell

I enjoyed this match because there was something behind it with Dunne attacking Gradwell to close out Night One. The attack severely injured the back of Gradwell and Dunne zeroed in on the injury like a shark smelling blood. Gradwell fought valiantly and maybe without sense as he threw caution to the wind and use move like a tope and missile dropkick to bring the fight to Dunne. Gradwell was positioned on the ropes then dumped on the outside by Dunne really doing some damage to Gradwell’s back. He just barely beats the ten count from the referee. Dunne scoops slams Gradwell viciously in the corner and advances to the next round. He thinks he has made a fan out of Triple H.

Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners

This was a fun match! I like Conners because his size and look doesn’t fit his brawler style. Conners did a decent job trying to neutralize the flying ability of Andrews. He had things in hand but instead of going with the knockout shot with his DLD finisher, he opts for a suplex that Andrews counters into Stundog Millionaire. Andrews goes up top and lands a picture perfect Shooting Star Press. Andrews will face Dunne in the next round.

Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang

Another great match. Wolfgang continues to defy the laws of gravity and physics as a man that big should not be able to leap that high and move that fast. I thought things were gonna be bad for Wolfgang as he look to have injured his knee moonsaulting off the barricade on the outside. From then this was a stand up and brawl battle between both men with some pretty stiff strikes. I thought things would certainly be over after Trent’s Seven Star Lariat but Wolfgang kicks out. Wolfgang blocks a second Lariat attempt and goes to the top for The Howling (Swanton Bomb). he hits it directly on the spine and picks up the win! Definitely an upset in this tournament.

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

Tyler Bate can be a huge star now and he is only 19. Imagine how good he’ll be when he’s 21? 25?! Devlin had a good performance but couldn’t get out of the gate and get an upper hand. Perhaps the hot crowd got too under Devlin’s skin. Bate distracts Devlin with BOP and hits him with BANG to set him up for the Tyler Driver ’97. Tyler Bate faces Wolfgang in the next round.

Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne

This match was the best match of the tournament up until this point. Huge contrast of styles between both men was both an advantage and a disadvantage for each. Andrews hit a ton of aerial moves to stun Dunne but each of these moves took as much out of Andrews as they did Dunne. The Bruiserweight relied heavily on his striking ability but each time he went for a knockout blow Andrews catches him off guard. Andrews attempted the Shooting Star Press twice but was unsuccessful each time. Dunne took advantage the last time rebounding with a German suplex into the corner. He follows up with the Ex-Plex then his Bitter End finisher to advance to the Finals. Amazing work.

Tyler Bate vs. Wolfgang

Wolfgang may be wrestling this one with a broken nose! The younger and smaller Bate may be catching Wolfgang off guard with his speed. Wolfgang taking too long to mount offense and Bate takes advantage. For some reason Wolfgang kept taking way too long capitalizing on his offense. Perhaps the crowd favoring Bate more is getting under the skin of Wolfgang? It’s a costly mistake as it leaves the door open for Bate to hit the Tyler Driver ’97 and the victory!

After the match Tyler Bate is attacked from behind by Pete Dunne. Pete sends Bate into the corner turnbuckle. Regal comes out and shoves Dunne to the back.

Before the Finals of the tournament we are joined by WWE Superstar Neville who has a gripe he is not in this tournament. To Neville he is the greatest talent the UK has ever produced and there isn’t a man on this planet on his level. Neville has an opponent and it’s none other than TOMMY END! Wow.

Neville vs. Tommy End

Fun little showcase of Tommy End’s striking ability which is very similar to Neville’s so we got some great back and forth sequences. End hesitated on the top rope and gets hit with an enziguiri from Neville who follows up with a massive hurricanrana from the top. Neville puts Tommy in position for the Red Arrow and gets the win. Good stuff.

Backstage Charly Caruso is outside of the trainer’s room with an update on Tyler Bate. Looks like Bate has a separated AC Joint in his shoulder but he is medically cleared to compete. No doubt Dunne is going to zero in on that injured shoulder.

Hey Finn Balor is here! Hi Finn!

Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate – Finals for the WWE United Kingdom Championship

Bate has the shoulder taped up like a perfect target for Dunne, a master at joint manipulation. Bate escapes stunning Dunne with a dropkick. Both men begin slugging it out outside of the ring but Dunne takes the action back in and starts working on the shoulder again. Dunne attacks the injured shoulder with heavy strikes and a jumping stomp. Bate finds an opening and airplane spins Dunne three times. Bate goes to capitalize but gets caught in a triangle choke! He deadlifts Dunne and slams him to the mat. Dunne goes to the outside and Bate follows with a up and over tope. He rolls Dunne back in and hits a 450 double stomp but only for a two count. Dunne hits Bitter End for a two count. Dunne traps Bate in a Kimora Lock that Dunne keeps on their for a very long time. Bate somehow fights out and reverses it into a wicked brainbuster! Bate attempts a Rolling Koppu Kick but Dunne ducks. The two men get into a standing slugfest right in the middle ring with Bate getting the better of the exchange. Bate hits two Rolling Koppu Kicks! The adrenaline kicks in and Bate hooks Dunne and hits the Tyler Driver ’97! 1…2…3! Tyler Bate shocks the world and is your first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion!

He is joined in the ring by Triple H, Fit Finlay, William Regal, and Finn Balor who present the Champion with his title belt. Bate celebrates as confetti rains down and the show fades to black.

Overall I really enjoyed this tournament. WWE continues to narrow the gap between itself and the world of pro wrestling. This is good for everyone. Ae we saw with the Cruiserweight Classic and now 205 Live this gets more eyes on the WWE product as well as giving you options outside of WWE. I’m a fan of everything so when a different world can mix with WWE I’m all in. This had some great wrestling, good storytelling, and a fusion of the two. Question is where does WWE go with this new title? How important and prestigious do they make it? Only time will tell.

What did you think of Night Two of the UK Championship Tournament? What about overall? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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