Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle to be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

The Olympic Gold Medal winner and multiple time WWE Champion will headline this year’s Hall of Fame class WrestleMania weekend.

The story broke yesterday via ESPN.com that Kurt Angle will headline this year’s 2017 Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It is no secret that wrestling fans have been aching for an Angle/WWE reunion, whether it will result in an in ring performance in the future remains to be seen. Angle won an Olympic Gold Medal (with an actual broken freakin’ neck) and went on to make one of the most incredible transitions into pro wrestling/sport entertainment in the sport’s history. In terms of sports entertainment Angle is the embodiment of a complete package. Obviously technically gifted as an athlete, what set Angle apart and made this induction so well deserved is how entertaining Angle was as a WWE performer. As a heel no one could get under the crowd’s skin like Angle, constantly dropping his athletic accomplishments to the masses with a sense of arrogance. However it is the same bad guy nature that made his connection with the WWE audience so special. After all, he was the originator of having the crowd hate you so much they came up with a way to insult him using his own entrance theme! Who can forget when Kurt absolutely snapped after the WHAT? chants broke him? Or Milk-O-Mania? Even on the flip side when Kurt would mindlessly kiss up to McMahon because he was jealous of the relationship McMahon had with Austin? Kurt’s ability to entertain the crowd as a character was just as good as his athletic ability and who could forget that. Classic matches up and down the WWE Network like his WrestleMania battles with the likes of Shawn Michaels or Eddie Guerrero. The all-time great match he had with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 19 and the Iron-Man Match that followed. The list of accolades is unprecedented, his contributions to professional wrestling are unparalleled. Kurt Angle is a Hall of Famer in every sense of the word.

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