Dean Ambrose

SmackDown Live Recap – 1/17/17

Tonight Shane McMahon promises a huge announcement plus Alexa Bliss defends the Women’s Championship in a Steel Cage against Becky Lynch!

SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon starts the off the show with a huge announcement. Two weeks after the Royal Rumble the WWE Championship will be defended….in the Elimination Chamber! WWE Champion AJ Styles comes down to the ring and is absolutely livid he has to defend the title in this match but Shane reminds him he might not even be WWE Champion after the Rumble. The next champ could be John Cena who makes his way to the ring. Styles doesn’t allow Cena to get a word in and questions who could actually take the title from him. Here comes The Miz to lend his thoughts on the situation. He gets into a verbal spat egged on by Cena. Before tempers explode Shane makes a match for right now!

AJ Styles vs. The Miz

John Cena joins the commentary team for this one. The match was very competitive until the action spilled outside. Styles tried throwing Miz into Cena but Cena caught it before any damage was done. Styles attacks Cena and the referee calls for the bell. Cena chases AJ out of the ring. Styles attempted the Phenomenal Forearm but Cena ducks and hits Styles with the AA.

Nikki Bella comes down to the ring and gets right to the point and calls out Natalya. She doesn’t come to the ring but Natalya gets Nikki’s attention on the big screen. Natalya is at a merchandise station complaining about all the Cena and Nikki Bella merch but no Natalya merchandise. She even spots Bret Hart’s shirt and refers to him as her “ex-uncle”. Nikki finally find Natalya and the two ladies brawl until separated by referees. I’m a huge fan of brawls in public areas close to fans.

Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

I may be alone in this thought but I did not enjoy this match as much as I thought I would. It was painfully slow and never really got out of the gate with some action to make you pay attention. Both men just looked like they were on autopilot to me doing their usual moves like putting together a 5000 piece puzzle at a snail’s pace. The most interesting bit came at the end when Harper inadvertently costs Orton the match by entering the ring. Orton is pissed and Ambrose just comes from behind with a quick roll up. Ambrose books it out of there and Orton and Harper start their spat with each other. Bray Wyatt tried to keep both men separated but to no avail. They quickly come to blows before Bray quiets the situation. Harper tries to go after Orton again and gets struck by Bray! Then Bray turns to Orton thinking he is next! Harper and Bray leave Orton in the ring.

The King’s Court segment was actually better than I thought it would be. Lawler was just trying to get to the bottom of Dolph’s new attitude. Ziggler had to be the one to bring up the fact he was the one who wrestled Jerry four years ago right before his heart attack. Ziggler warns Lawler that if he keeps asking him questions he is gonna finish the job. Lawler pushes the issue and Ziggler superkicks him right in the heart. He yells for Ziggler to get back in the ring but he just walks away. Despicable.

Bray Wyatt announces that next week Harper and Orton will do battle and hopefully after it is all said and done the Wyatts will stand strong.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch in a Steel cage Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Both ladies did a wonderful job telling a story inside the cage. Alexa tried booking it to the door early while Becky did a good job using the cage as offense. The pacing was good and no missteps that I could catch. Becky had the match in hand but suddenly out of nowhere appears La Luchadora to distract Becky. The plan works as Becky gets hit with a DDT from Alexa. Bliss gets the win and retains the Women’s Championship. After the match Alexa and La Luchadora continue their assault on Becky. She is able to somehow fight back and have La Luchadora all to herself. Becky has La Luchadora in her grasp and rips her mask off. La Luchadora is….Mickie James?!!! Holy crap. She hits Becky with a kick and lays her out. Mickie and Alexa admire their handywork to close the show.

Overall this was a decent SmackDown. Nothing crazy but the Elimination Chamber announcement and La Luchadora reveal keeps things interesting for the coming weeks. What did you think of the show? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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