Ember Moon

NXT Recap – #374 (1/25/17)

It’s the last NXT before TakeOver: San Antonio! Ember Moon faces Liv Morgan plus all four competitors in the Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Women’s Championship will face each other in the ring!

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan may be the most improved member of the NXT roster, as she has stepped up her game tonight big time. Both ladies do a great in the beginning of going back and forth ending with a stand off. Ember shows off her impressive strength taking Morgan, who has her in a guillotine choke, and dumping her to the outside. In the end Morgan gets hit by Moon’s top rope stunner. Fun quick match.

Backstage Andrade “Cien” Almas was asked for his thoughts on his San Antonio opponent Roderick Strong. Almas says next time he sees Strong he is going to kick him in the face. Roderick Strong enters telling Almas he isn’t a hard man to find. Almas lays in a shot and beats Strong down. Good to see some charisma from Almas.

No Way Jose vs. Kona Reeves

Pretty basic stuff, I’m guessing this was sort of an introduction of Kona Reeves. Corey Graves keeps describing Reeves as a weird guy but I don’t get that vibe from him. Tall in stature, sneaky power, give him time to develop more of a persona and experience in the ring and you may have something. No Way Jose gets the win with a Pop up Punch. We were supposed to get a word from Jose but he is interrupted by Elias Samson and his horrible singing. No Way Jose leads a “Drift Away” chant sending Elias into a rage.

Chris Atkins vs. Eric Young

Not much known of Atkins aside that he is Australian. Great clean look and tall, must be around 6’5″. I guess you could call this one a warm up match for Young who gets the win with a Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker. He will face Tye Dillinger Saturday at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio.

Sad news for TM 61 as Shane Thorne underwent knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. He will be out of action for at least six to eight months.

To close out this edition of NXT Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross, and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka are introduced to the ring to all face each other before their match Saturday. Asuka doesn’t give a crap about introductions and make a straight sprint toward Kay and Royce who barely escape. Asuka and Cross face off but get attacked by Royce and Kay from behind. Asuka and Cross get the upper hand and dump both women to the outside of the ring. Before Asuka and Cross can come to blows security tries to separate Asuka and Cross who obliterate them. This is awesome. Asuka spin kicks Cross right in the face. Security finally get ahold of Asuka. While she and the security struggle Nikki Cross climbs to the top dives into security and Asuka. The show closes with Kay and Royce looking at all of the carnage.

I find it really interesting that NXT devoted just one actual segment for their TakeOver show on TV. With that said the full card looks pretty solid so I look forward to this one. Each time I think a TakeOver show won’t live up to the hype it exceeds my expectations. Saturday. 8pm ET. WWE Network.

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