Elias Samson

NXT Recap #375 – 2/1/17

A special NXT TV episode from the site of NXT TakeOver: San Antonio.

Ember Moon vs. Aliyah

Fantastic match. Everyone knows how good Ember Moon is but this was a great showing from Aliyah. She landed some really hard shots and brought the fight to Ember like no one has before. Aliyah still has ways a way to being in the main event scene of NXT, but you can tell she will be there in time. While Aliyah has the potential to be in the main event, Ember Moon belongs in the main event. She has all the tools. She can really change the game for the Women’s Division in any phase, NXT or main roster. Again a great showing from both women. Ember wins with the Eclipse Stunner.

Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

Another fun match. I love the throwback style of both men. Lorcan is one of the hardest hitting performers in WWE and when his time comes I look forward to seeing him go up against other hard hitters like Cesaro or Sheamus. How can you not like Tyler Bate? He has a childlike innocence similar to Bayley, a fun throwback style mixed with a little comedy. Lorcan threw one of his European uppercuts sending Bate into the ropes but he rebounds with a rolling kick. Bate hoists Lorcan up for the Tyler Driver ’97 and gets the win.

We get behind the scenes access to Shinsuke Nakamura who had to be helped backstage by officials after his NXT TakeOver match. He looks like he is bad shape after suffering a leg injury. He is reassured by Triple H and…..Kassius Ohno.

NXT aired a really nice career retrospect for Corey Graves who will no longer be working NXT TV, focusing on his WWE duties.

Elias Samson vs. No Way Jose

I know I do a lot of ragging on Samson but I will say that this was his best performance in quite some time. Samson was aggressive in this bout with stiff offense. No Way Jose has gradually been having the same effect on me as well going from basic comedy performances to really showing how good he is in the ring. Both guys used hard hitting offense but other than that everything was pretty standard. Jose gets the win with the popup knockout punch.

That’s all for tonight from NXT. Pretty basic show but this is expected coming of a TakeOver event. Next week will probably be back on course which should be fun. Let us know your thoughts on NXT! Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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