SmackDown Live Recap – 8/15/17; Cena vs. Mahal

John Cena and Jinder Mahal face each other for the first time ever just five days away from SummerSlam!

SmackDown begins with the Singh Brothers introducing the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. The champ enters the ring and gives his thoughts on his opponent tonight, John Cena and his opponent at SummerSlam Shinsuke Nakamura. It just so happens to be Indian Independence Day. We are joined by dancers and drummers exactly like the Punjabi celebration the SmackDown after Jinder won the title. We then get a beautiful rendition of the Indian National Anthem. Jinder then speaks to his people in his language when he is interrupted by Shinsuke Nakamura. The King of Strong Style informs the audience that it is also a holiday in Japan to honor the dead of war and pray for peace. Nakamura says that this Sunday will be a celebration when he wins the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Very good match and a dominant performance by Natalya heading into her match this Sunday for the SD Women’s Title against Naomi. Becky missed with a leg drop off the top which led to a Sharpshooter tap out win for Natalya. After the win, Natalya reapplies the Sharpshooter until she is ran off by Naomi who was on commentary. Carmella comes out holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. She just wanted to wish both women good luck and may the best woman win. Could Carmella cash in at SummerSlam?

Lana is confronted by Tamina Snuka who wants to know why she hasn’t gotten a title shot. Lana offers some advice: “Make them fear you”. She has some plans for Tamina which hopes leads to them being a dominant force on SmackDown.

Rusev vs. Chad Gable

This really wasn’t a match as Rusev got himself and Gable intentionally counted out. Rusev applies The Accolade on the commentary table. Rusev grabs a mic and gets in the middle of the ring. He gets out “Randy…” when suddenly he is dropped by an RKO from Randy Orton. Orton literally came out of nowhere.

AJ Styles calls out Shane McMahon to apologize for inadvertently striking him last week. McMahon tells AJ he has no reason to apologize because he knew it was an accident. Styles just wants to make sure Shane isn’t going to take the incident and use it against him come Sunday as the referee. Shane lets him know that he has nothing to worry about however if Styles happens to lay a hand on him Sunday he has no problem throwing hands back. Styles takes that as a threat but the situation is interrupted by Kevin Owens. It looks like Owens is trying to play both Shane and AJ against each other all while making himself look like a boy scout. Shane asks for both men to shake hands as a sign of sportsmanship but things break down into a brawl with Shane in the middle once again. Styles almost clocks Shane for a second week in a row but he blocks it. As Styles and McMahon get into a shouting match when Owens attempts to Superkick AJ from behind but AJ ducks and the kick catches Shane. Owens messed up big time.

The Usos vs. The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston)

Another fantastic match in this great rivalry. I’m glad we are seeing more of Xavier Woods and tonight teaming with Kofi they are known as the Speed Team of The New Day. Speed was not enough to stop The Usos who capitalize on disrupting Woods and Kofi hitting a move off the top that would have definitely won them the match. They push Woods off the top, take out the knee of Kofi, then fold Kofi over with a devastating Superkick.

The conclusion of The Fashion Files! I think!

Jinder Mahal vs. John Cena

Surprisingly a very entertaining match especially down to the end. Jinder controlled much of the match in the beginning and he has the Singh Brothers to thank, at least until the got caught interfering and were expelled from ringside. From here Cena takes over and has things well in hand. An STF attempt is broken and an AA fails to get the win. Jinder is looking like a star here. Since Cena can’t put Jinder away with a regular AA he plants JInder with a Super AA from the top rope. As the referee is about to count three Baron Corbin enters the ring and strikes John Cena. The match ends in a DQ.

Baron Corbin exits the ring after admiring his work when halfway up the ramp he changes his mind. He goes back into the ring and tells the referee he is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. After the bell rings Corbin strikes Cena again knocking him off the apron. Mahal comes from behind and rolls Corbin up for the three! Corbin is the second person to unsuccessfully cash in the Money in the Bank in history. All the while Jinder Mahal comes out looking great.

That’s it for SmackDown tonight, what did you think? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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