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ROH 16th Anniversary Review

Ring of Honor’s 16th Anniversary PPV took place at the Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

ROH Enforcer Bully Ray starts the show off hyping the live crowd up for the event before we see a great video package highlighting ROH’s 16 years.

Hiromu Takahashi def. Flip Gordon

Excellent way to start the show. Pretty good back and forth match at a fast pace. I’m becoming a big Flip Gordon fan, every match I’ve seen him in has been solid. Takahashi gets the win hitting Flip with his Timebomb finisher.


Marty Scrull def. Punishment Martinez

This match started as if it was shot out of a cannon. Both men were going back and forth at a pretty quick pace during the early stages. The action went outside where Marty looked to obtain a bag of powder. When the official went to reprimand Marty he squared up as if to attack the referee. Security intervened when suddenly Punishment Martinez comes flying over the turnbuckle into a sea of security. Marty enters the ring and it looks as though he is bleeding from a small cut above his eye. After Martinez finishes decimating the security outside he sets up a table and lays Scrull flat across it. Martinez goes for a step up moonsault but Scrull comes off the table leaving Martinez crashing through. Great sell by Martinez here. The action returns in the ring where Scrull tries throwing everything he can at Martinez. When that becomes unsuccessful, Martinez overtakes the match looking to end things. Martinez goes for his spin kick but Scrull ducks. Martinez almost strikes the referee in the corner. Before the referee can come to Scrull uses the powder bag as a decoy and kicks Martinez below the belt. Scrull rolls Punishment Martinez up and gets the win. Lots of great things happened and the match kept my attention.


Kenny King (c) def. Silas Young to retain the Television Championship

Really good wrestling match. Nothing flashy just solid ring work from both men. Setting up the end was very well done. Young has King on his shoulders looking for his finisher Misery, but referee Todd Sinclair gets knocked during the struggle. Silas hits Misery but Sinclair was late to the count. After a brief back and forth Silas goes for another pin but this time King was close enough to the ropes to stop the count. Silas gets in the face of Sinclair taking his eyes off King and the prize. Kenny King his the Royal Flush finisher for the win.


After the match, an appearance was made by Austin Aries. The world traveled belt collecting wrestler has held every belt in ROH except for one, the ROH Television Championship. He basically lays down the challenge to King. I wonder how this will all work out not only for Aries and ROH but also the companies that Aries represents. Wrestling is fun.

SoCal Uncensored def. The Hung Bucks (c) in a Vegas Street Fight to win the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championships

Another match with a rapid start. This match had everything you could want in a street fight. Blood, tables, trash can lids, a belt with nails, kendo sticks…the works. Shane Taylor tried to get involved on behalf of SoCal Uncensored and while he was briefly getting the job done he ended getting hit with Rite of Passage and being disposed of. The downfall for the Hung Bucks cane when SoCal zip tied Page to the post rendering him trapped for the rest of the match. Daniels had Nick Jackson in a bear hug preventing him from getting out of a kendo stick Dragon Sleeper-Boston Crab combo from Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. Matt Jackson has been suffering from a debilitating back injury since WrestleKingdom 12. With the pain being too much to bear, Matt taps out. SoCal Uncensored are the new ROH Six Man Champions.


After the match, the Young Bucks are attacked by Vinny and TK O’Ryan of The Kingdom until they run off by ROH Enforcer Bully Ray.

Cody def. Matt Taven

Wow, a match with a normal start. I’m not the biggest Matt Taven fan but I have to say he really impressed me in this match. Taven did a great job of working the lower back of Cody. In Cody’s corner was his wife Brandi and Bury the Bear who actually almost cost Cody the match when he tossed a steel chair in the ring. While the referee was removing the chair Taven whacked Cody in the back with his walking cane. Taven even went as far as to use Cody’s own Cross Rhodes finisher on Cody for an unsuccessful pin. Later on, the referee was incapacitated thanks to Taven ducking out of the way of a top rope attack from Cody. While the referee was out Vinny and O’Ryan reappear looking to help their Kingdom leader Taven steal a win. Vinny and O’Ryan hold Cody up while Taven kicks Cody below the belt. ROH Enforcer Bully Ray comes down and attacks Vinny and O’Ryan again. Not only that but Cody got one over on Taven. Cody was wearing a metal cup. The shot below the belt had no effect on him whatsoever. Taven runs in for an attack and Cody hits him with Cross Rhodes for the win. Very fun match.


While Cody was celebrating after the match he goes in for a hug from Bury who pushes him to the mat. As Bury slowly removes his giant fake bear head it is revealed that Bury is Kenny Omega! Omega takes Cody out with V-Trigger! Brandi stands up for her man pushing Kenny and slapping him in the face. Kenny obviously isn’t going to attack Brandi then she goes and kisses Kenny! Not just a peck, a long kiss. What the hell?

The Briscoes def. Motor City Machine Guns (c) to win the ROH Tag Team Championships

We’re back to the flash quick start. Another solid match but this one felt more like a brawl with rules. You can tell it was a fight if you looked at Mark Briscoe who’s face was covered in blood. Nothing really stood out other than MCMG being the usual solid tag team they are and the newfound aggressiveness of The Briscoes. Sabin kicking out of the Jay Driller caught me off guard along with The Briscoes able to get off a Doomsday Device even after Alex Shelley tried to intervene. Briscoes get the win and now are NINE times ROH Tag Team Champions.


Dalton Castle (c) def. Jay Lethal to retain the ROH World Championship

Easily the best match of the night. Jay Lethal is without a doubt top 3 all around best performers in wrestling today. The match told a great story of an almost unproven champion taking on the best and not giving up. During the match, Dalton injured his knee and like a shark to blood, Lethal went for the kill. It seemed as though Lethal had more gas in the tank throughout the match but Dalton would not give in. Poor Bobby Cruise was taken out after a dive from Lethal saw Castle duck in front of Cruise. Later on, there was a spot on the apron where Castle hit Lethal with a belly to back throw. Lethal landed on his neck and I shouted a bad word, it was nasty. Castle kicking out of Lethal Injection had me on the edge of my seat. Lethal could not have wrestled a better, smarter match doing everything he could to counter Castle’s Bangarang. With one final attempt, Lethal was unable to lock his arms around the waist of Castle to prevent feeling the Bangarang. Castle gets the win after one hard fought, brilliant match.


Marty Scrull comes down to the ring and seemingly lays down a challenge to the Champion Castle as the ROH 16th Anniversary PPV goes off the air.

Overall I thought this was a great PPV well worth the time and price. Every match was very good at best. Top to bottom good wrestling across the board capped off by a wonderful main event wrestling match.

If you so happened to miss this show you can stream it via Ring of Honor’s new streaming service Honor Club.

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