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RAW Quick Hits! – 7/2/18; The Pride of Roman

Raw opens with Roman Reigns coming down to the ring and calling out Bobby Lashley, his tag team partner for his rematch against The Revival.

Instead of Lashley or The Revival Reigns draws the attention of Drew McIntyre and Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. The evil duo criticizes Roman for making everything about him. Ziggler and McIntyre get in the ring and jump Roman. This draws out Roman’s ally Seth Rollins who runs off Ziggler and McIntyre.

After the break Reigns and Rollins find Raw GM Kurt Angle who gives them a match vs. Ziggler and McIntyre, next week. After a little persuading Angle changes the match to tonight.

B Team keeps poking fun at Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, the Raw Tag Team Champions. I still maintain poking fun at Matt Hardy’s woken gimmick enunciates the fact that it’s weird and sort of silly. We’re not supposed to hate it because it’s goofy we’re supposed to buy into it because of the goofy. We’re supposed to find the goofy stuff funny.

Judging by the quiet crowd during a Matt Hardy vs. Curtis Axel match, the luster of the B Team is starting to wear off. Perhaps this is because we’ve gone away from the underdogs finding ways to win matches to two guys just making fun of two other guys.

Curtis Axel got the win thanks to Bo Dallas distracting Matt enough to where he took his eye off the ball and got hit with some weird neck driver maneuver from Axel.

Apparently, thanks to A backstage segment in the locker room, Roman will be wrestling in two tag matches tonight.

Dr. Shelby, the man responsible for making Team Hell No get over their hatred for each other, is in charge of counseling Sasha Banks and Bayley. Oh boy.

Authors of Pain def. Titus Worldwide

A pretty lopsided match in the favor of AoP. Akam and Rezar got off some pretty cool tag moves off.

Rollins and Reigns def. Ziggler and McIntyre via DQ

This match was a beautiful demonstration of a perfectly constructed hot tag. The crowd boos Roman and chant he sucks, but pop for all of his moves and are practically losing the minds hoping Rollins gets this tag off. The Revival come out of the crowd and jump Roman. Weakening the opposition before battle, smart. Ziggler and McIntyre dispose of Rollins in the ring followed by The Revival hitting Roman with Shatter Machine to follow. What would make this super awesome and make this feel like a big deal would be if Dean Ambrose making his return. Lashley would put aside his beef with Roman temporarily just to get his hands on The Revival. Armchair booking. My specialty.

Bayley and Sasha spent some of their therapy time imitating each other. It was kind of funny.

Reigns and Lashley win via DQ

Roman refused to tag Lashley at any point of the match. Roman allowed his pride to get in the way and actually get him hurt as The Revival targeted the work they started on Roman’s ribs. Mark this down as the first week the audience started caring about Bobby Lashley as they are pleading for Roman to tag but nope. The Revival ignores the referee’s five count causing a disqualification. Lashley leaves Roman to get beat down as he walks to the back in disgust.

Back from commercial and the match has been set for Extreme Rules: Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley.

So apparently even though Ronda Rousey is suspended she’ll be in the arena for Extreme Rules. Okay.

To end the night we have a main event match between Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens, sort of. Both men lock up, Braun shoves Kevin down, and Kevin bails from the match. Kevin runs all the way to where his rental car is but he forgot his keys. This whole thing is shaping up to look like one bad horror movie. After frantically looking around, Kevin decides to hide inside a port-o-potty. Braun goes looking for Owens and somehow figures out Kevin is inside the portable toilet. Braun makes sure Kevin cannot get out of the toilet because Braun has trapped him inside using duct tape. In a really odd yet fascinating feat of strength, Braun dragged the portable toilet from outside when the production trucks are, to the top of the stage inside the arena. After a little coercing from the audience, Braun bulldozes into the toilet sending it crashing off the stage.

Raw closes as EMTs are attending to a blue goo covered Kevin Owens.

Overall I thought tonight’s Raw was decent but nothing great. 90% was easy to watch, Roman’s matches were fun, but the ending seemed as though everyone ran out of ideas. What’s the point of this Owens and Strowman conflict? What did you think of the show? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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