Charlotte Flair

SmackDown Live Recap -8/14/18; Final SmackDown Before SummerSlam!

We are just five days away from the WrestleMania of the Summer, SummerSlam! Tonight we will see The New Day vs. Sanity, a retrospective on the feud between Daniel Bryan and The Miz plus more!

SmackDown kicks off with all three women involved in the Triple Threat match at SummerSlam for the Women’s Championship. Charlotte had a great line about Carmella being a Diva in a Women’s era. SmackDown GM Paige makes a match for this instant. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

I thought this match was really good.

The Bludgeon Brothers wrestled three random dudes from Greenville, SC

Here’s the first part of the package detailing the rivalry between The Miz and Daniel Bryan:

The New Day def Sanity with the Up Up Down Down. Another great tag match, another great New Day match, and it’s Kofi’s birthday. Somebody get me some pancakes.

Here’s Part Two of the Danel Bryan/The Miz saga:

This is really good stuff.

Andrade “Cien” Almas def Aiden English

Here’s the finale to the look back the rivalry between The Miz and Daniel Bryan:

This is probably the match I’m looking forward to most.

Jeff Hardy def Shelton Benjamin: The end with the Twist of Fate Stunner into a splash for the win was so weird. And what is with Randy Orton standing behind the curtain like some creep?

AJStyles came down to the ring to close out the show and respond to Samoa Joe’s insults to AJ as a father and all around family man. Samoa Joe interrupts AJ as he is speaking and says he has a letter written by a fan. The fan who wrote this letter says that they agree with everything Samoa Joe said. It turns out that the letter was written by AJ Styles’ wife Wendy. That’s how we end tonight’s SmackDown.

I felt like this episode was a little lackluster especially for the final TV show we will see before a big PPV. I’m still excited for SummerSlam but Raw definitely did the best when it came to elevating their matches for the show. What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown Live? Comment below or reach out to us via Social Media:

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