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SmackDown Live Recap – 8/28/18; It Really is a New Day

A huge night of SmackDown Live as Charlotte defends the Women’s Title against former Champion Carmella, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella live, and the New Day kicks off the show with their Championship Celebration!

During the New Day’s celebration, they get a surprise from former 5-time WCW Champion, Booker T aka King Bookah!

The Bar def The Colons, Gallows, and Anderson in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Really enjoyable match. I really like the idea of teams having to string together multiple wins to earn a title shot, makes things important. I’m happy to see the Colons and Gallows/Anderson, two good teams who deserve more screen time.

Next week we will see the same style Triple Threat match between Sanity, The Usos, and Rusev Day. Winners of this match will then face The Bar to determine who will face The New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Jeff Hardy has challenged Randy Orton to a match inside Hell in a Cell. I’m predicting Hardy is going to do something crazy, and possibly stupid.

Billie Kay def Naomi: I wonder if Naomi was legit pissed at the amount of hair pulling Billie did. I know I would be.

Daniel Bryan def Andrade “Cien” Almas via DQ: I’m usually not a fan of DQ endings during good matches but the interference from Maryse and The Miz and their actions after really sold me on the Tag match at Hell in a Cell. Miz and Maryse both laying out Brie and Daniel in front of each other made this feud nasty and personal.

Samoa Joe called Wendy Styles. On the phone. AJ Styles had to watch. That’s coldblooded.

Charlotte Flair def. Carmella to RETAIN the SD Live Women’s Championship: Another match that I found pretty enjoyable. Carmella, while still not on the level of Charlotte, has shown signs of improvement. Carmella pulled out some stuff I haven’t seen her do before. In the end, Carmella let her anger and impatience let her be her own downfall. Charlotte hits Carmella with a Spear, Natural Selection, then locks in Figure 8 for the win.

The crowd cheered for Becky Lynch throughout the match and soon they got what they wanted.

SmackDown Live closes with Charlotte clutching her title in the corner.

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