So it turns out Rhea Ripley is a savage

The Aussie NXT star took to Twitter to offer…condolences to injured Mae Young Classic competitor Tegan Nox.

During the most recent episode of the Mae Young Classic, the heavily favored Nox injured her leg when colliding with Ripley from a dive to the outside area of the ring. If you recall, Nox injured her right leg which caused her to miss the first year of the tournament altogether. Here is what Nox had to say about the severity of her latest injury:

We here at The Wrestling Chronicle wish Tegan the speediest recovery. She is regarded as one of the best talents in the world, male or female, and it’s rightfully deserved.

One person who didn’t share this same sentiment is the woman who was on the receiving end of the dive that injured Nox, Rhea Ripley. Here is what Ripley had to say about Nox’s injury on her Twitter:


Savage. But it was one other jab of Ripley that was coldblooded, to say the least. Rhea changed her profile picture on Twitter to this:


Imagine when Nox heals up how good a feud with Ripley is going to be.












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