Raw Recap – 10/22/18; Roman Reigns relinquishes the Universal Championship

Raw comes to us live from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI. D-Generation X will be appearing on the show along with Sasha Banks returning to Raw to take on Ruby Riott, plus more!

Roman Reigns starts the show off coming down to the ring. No easy way to put this, when Roman was in his twenties he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Unfortunately, the Leukemia has returned. Roman has to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship but none of that even matters. It’s hard to even type these words right now. If one thing Roman is, he is a fighter. Leukemia has no idea who it’s messing with.


Finn Balor def. Bobby Lashley: People may hate Lio Rush chanting “Lashley” for the entire match (as they should) I find it hilarious and after the open to Raw, I need a laugh. Lashley dominated the majority of the match but Balor caught him off guard and won the match with a roll-up.

Ruby Riott def. Sasha Banks: This was a really fun match. When Sasha has an opponent at her level who can go her speed she can really put together a great match. Sasha stepped outside the ring to defend her comrades Bayley and Natalya who were in a brawl with Riott Squad members Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. When Sasha reentered the ring, Ruby kicked Sasha sending her into the turnbuckle. Riott hits the Riott Kick for the win.

Both D-Generation X and The Brothers of Destruction have messages for each other ahead of their Tag Team match at Crown Jewel.

Just when I think marching Paul Heyman to the ring to sell a PPV was old and stale he comes out and knocks it out of the park.

Braun Strowman came down and said the only thing Paul Heyman should be saying is what he should tell Brock Lesnar, that Braun is going to kick his ass all over Crown Jewel. Braun plans on winning the vacant Universal Title at Crown Jewel, defending it every Monday on Raw, and when Roman gets better he will be first in line for a title shot. At Crown Jewel Brock Lesnar will get these hands. While Braun is boasting, Drew McIntyre sneaks up and hits him with a Claymore Kick. Backstage Drew is asked if he is at all worried about the repercussions of his actions. Drew isn’t afraid and he is willing to do what half the roster is too afraid to do. Now Drew and Dolph can worry about defending their Raw Tag Team Championships tonight against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Elias def. Apollo Crews: It looks like Titus Worldwide is no longer as Crews is riding solo. Apollo had a good showing but it wasn’t enough to stop the effects of Elias’ Drift Away.

After the break, Elias is feeling so good after his win he wants to give the Raw crowd an encore. Just when he was getting warmed up he is interrupted by Acting GM Baron Corbin. The Raw GM says he needs Elias off the stage because he has a show to run. Elias doesn’t take too kindly by this and takes some jabs at Corbin in song form. Corbin says if it wasn’t that Stephanie liked Elias he would have fired him a long time ago. Corbin has production cut Elias’ mic and guitar before kicking him off the stage. Corbin thought that was the last he heard from Elias but nope:

We had a contract signing for the Raw Women’s Championship match this Sunday at WWE Evolution. The Champion Rousey gave her word she was not going to hurt the Bellas. Nikki and Brie mock Ronda for giving her word seeing as she’s given her word to her mother countless times during her combat career and failed to come through. Ronda still doesn’t take the bait. Nikki signs the contract then slaps Ronda square in the face. Ronda shoots the death glare then goes back to smiling and signing the contract. She lets Nikki know that this Sunday Ronda is going to end Nikki, Ronda gives Nikki her word.

Ember Moon def. Tamina Snuka, Dana Brooke, and Nia Jax: This was a quick five-minute deal but was pretty good. I’m really hoping WWE does something with Nia and Tamina either as a team or in a feud. Ember wins, hitting Tamina with the Eclipse.

After a Susan G. Komen segment, we go backstage for an interview and interview with Trish Stratus and Lita, The WWE Hall of Famers were interrupted by Alicia Fox. This was simply just a decoy to allow Mickie James to jump the women from behind. A wild brawl ensues with Lita and Trish standing tall in the end.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose def. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler and become the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: Pretty much the same match as the other in this ongoing feud. I enjoyed the set up for the beginning of the match with Dolph and Drew working Seth over making sure Seth did not get a tag to Dean. Lots of near falls kept the fans in attendance on their feet. Braun Strowman’s music hits and he marches down to the ring looking for revenge after being taken out earlier in the show. Braun hits the ring and dumps Drew out of the ring. Drew and Braun brawl throughout the crowd and into the back. While all of this is going on the referee gets taken out by accident. Dolph turns into Seth who hits Dolph with a kick then the Curbstomp for the win. The Shield win the Tag Team Championships on a night where they saw their brother in arms step away to battle leukemia. What a moment.

But then it all got very dark…

While Seth and Dean were celebrating their victory, Dean turns to Seth and hits him with Dirty Deeds! The crowd is absolutely shocked. I’m shocked. Why would Dean do this tonight of all nights? Dean absolutely pummels Seth capping off the assault with Dirty Deeds on the exposed concrete. One of the most dastardly things I have witnessed in a long time. The show ends with Dean making his way through the crowd.

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