NXT Recap – 10/24/18; The Devil Cometh

Will Aleister Black reveal who attacked him two months ago?

The Undisputed Era kick off tonight’s show out to brag that the group is now at 100%. The group puts the entire NXT locker room on notice that NXT belongs to the Undisputed Era. This draws out EC3 who doesn’t take kindly to Undisputed Era’s words. Adam Cole requests a referee and we have a match.

Adam Cole vs. EC3: I really enjoyed the flow of this match. It started with both men trading ground spots and quickly into back and forth strikes. Cole threw everything at EC3 until EC3 caught him in a roll-up and got the upset victory.

As EC3 is exiting the ring Strong hits him with a Sick Kick and lays EC3 out. Undisputed Era drags EC3’s limp body to the stage where Cole hits EC3 in the back of the head with a Shining Wizard. To add insult to injury Bobby Fish smashes EC3’s knee with a steel chair.

Aliyah vs. Mia Yim: Great debut for Yim. This was probably the most I’ve enjoyed Aliyah too. I know she’s been toiling away at the Performance Center working with different characters but I think this idea of her portraying a snobby Kardashian-esque villain works. Mia Yim may be the next big thing for NXT. Yim gets the win with Sole Food.

Poor NXT GM William Regal is really getting badgered from everyone. Bianca Belair wants a Women’s Title shot and on top of that he has the Undisputed Era chirping in his ears. Regal says the War Raiders are back next week.

Kassius Ohno vs. Justin Xavier: Whoever this Justin Xavier guy is, he tried, he really tried. Kassius Ohno gets the easy win with a Rolling Elbow.

Matt Riddle debuts next week!

To end this week’s episode, NXT GM William Regal announced who will be facing NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa at NXT War Games. The Champion comes out and obviously wants a front row ticket to see who will be facing him. Before Regal could get the words out of his mouth he is interrupted by Velveteen Dream who says he knows he is the one who will be facing Ciampa. The Monster Lars Sullivan then comes out and says everyone is standing in his territory and he is planning on taking the NXT Championship. Velveteen Dream says the next time Lars wants to address him he better be wearing pants. Before a brawl can break out Nikki Cross comes to the ring shouting, “He’s coming!” The camera cuts to outside where Aleister Black is demolishing security on the outside. Black makes his way to the arena and hit Sullivan with the nastiest Black Mass kick I have ever seen. Black grips up Regal demanding Regal tells Aleister where HE is. Who is he? Out of nowhere, Aleister turns into a Superkick. It’s Johnny Gargano! he was the man who attacked Aleister Black two weeks ago! “I’m right here,” Gargano tells Black as he is lying on the mat. I can’t believe Johnny would do something like this.

What did you think of NXT tonight? Did you think Johnny Gargano would be the man who attacked Aleister Black? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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