NXT UK Recap – 10/24/18; Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate

On this week’s NXT UK Killer Kelly goes one on one with Dakota Kai and in the main event one-third of British Strong Style, Tyler Bate goes one on one with Wolfgang!

Ligero vs. “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman: Fun match on both sides. Ligero is easily the most celebrated and most experienced member of this roster known for his workhorse ethic and hybrid wrestling style. I don’t know anything about Hitchman but man color me impressed. Wild Boar is a straight brawler that hits with a vicious speed. Hitchman really looked like he had the veteran’s number in this one but Ligero is able to use his speed and hit a Springboard Tornado DDT for the win.

Dakota Kai vs. Killer Kelly: Both women use a similar style where kicks are prevalent in their arsenal. Killer Kelly got some stiff shots in but Kai ends up winning with her Destroyer/Backstabber combo.

Did you know Eddie Dennis was a private school principal?

Zack Gibson comes down to the ring and cuts a promo except you can’t hear a word he is saying because the crowd is absolutely ruthlessly hating Gibson. If you’re familiar with Gibson’s work with Progress Wrestling you’d know Gibson may be the most hated man in all of UK Wrestling. Gibson is out to gloat about winning the 2018 UK Championship Tournament and take some jabs at Noam Dar. The Scottish Supernova comes out and he is ready to fight. NXT UK GM Johnny Saint comes out and scolds both men like a school principal.

Ashton Smith vs. Tucker: This one just wasn’t good. It seems as though the style differences didn’t allow both men to come out of the gate proper. Smith won with what was supposedly a Ripcord Reverse DDT but I don’t know if he even hit that correctly.

Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate: One would think because of the size difference that this one would be more one-sided but Bate really held his own against the bigger Wolfgang. A couple of enjoyable spots in this one such as a test of strength. I don’t know if people realize Tyler Bate is probably one of the strongest men in all of WWE. The man has tree trunks for legs. In the end, Bate is able to hit the Tyler Driver 97 for a surprising win.

That is all for this week in the UK. What did you think of the episode? Drop us a comment below.



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