WWE Evolution Recap and Review

Tonight is one of the most important nights in the history of Professional Wrestling, the first ever all women’s Pay Per View, Evolution!


Trish Stratus and Lita vs. Mickie James and Alicia Fox (w/ Alexa Bliss): Great way to start the show. The crowd was kept hot by Lita and Trish hitting all of their greatest hits. It was really cool to see Mickie and Trish mix it up, it felt like a call back to the feud that put Mickie on the map during her first run in WWE. Trish looked really good in the ring mixing in her old repertoire of moves with new ones. The match was a little long but in the end, the crowd got a happy ending with Lita hitting the moonsault after Trish’s Stratusfaction. Trish capped it off with a Chick Kick for the win.


Women’s Battle Royale: Wow, this was…a lot. It was a ton to take in but from the moment Asuka and Ember came to blows till the end. Ember Moon really came out as the MVP of the match really endearing herself to the crowd. Ember eliminating Asuka really put it over the top for her. We keep seeing great interactions between Tamina and Nia and I really think that’s where money is for WWE. Ember had Nia stunned poised to get her over the ropes when Nia suddenly flattens her with a spinebuster variation. Nia tosses Ember over the ropes with ease and wins the Battle Royale. She earns an opportunity to face the Raw Women’s Championship.


Tony Storm vs. Io Shirai – Finals of the 2018 Mae Young Classic: What match from these ladies. It was a back and forth battle of stiff strikes and hard hitting moves. Io wowed the crowd with a picture perfect moonsault to the outside. Neither woman let the match get out of her hands. A couple of great near falls kept the crowd on the edge of their seat. Io went for a second moonsault but Toni was able to get her feet up in time knocking the wind out of Shirai. Storm grips Shirai up and hits a second Storm Zero for the win. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and NXT Coach Sara Amato are in the ring to present Storm with the Mae Young Classic trophy.


The Riott Squad vs. Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley: With every showing the Riott Squad just gets better and better. The cliche statement of a well-oiled machine doesn’t do the chemistry of this team justice. Every movement between the three on their opponents is perfectly placed and makes sense every time. Furthermore, it seems like each match brings a new standout for the crew. Tonight for me the night belonged to Liv Morgan. She showed me that she is just as good as her counterparts. There is no weak link within the Riott Squad. As well as Riott Squad is as a team there is no substitute for heart. Riott Squad worked over Bayley throughout the beginning until she was able to get a great tag to Sasha. Lots of homages to wrestlers of the past from the ladies with tag combos like a Heart Attack made famous by Hart Foundation members Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. The teams caps it off with the ultimate tribute to Eddie Guerrero, a frog splash from Sasha for the win. Pretty good match.


Kairi Sane (c) vs. Shayna Bazsler – NXT Women’s Championship: What. A. Match. This is my Match of the Night up to this point. Both women threw everything at each other with full force. Bazsler tried to catch a breather by rolling to the outside while Sane was perched on the top rope. Sane simply changed her coordinates and hits a vicious crossbody on the outside. Sane let Bazsler breathe for too long because when Sane went in to continue her offense Shayna sent her crashing into the guardrail. Sane on defense sent a running Bazsler over the guardrail into the laps of Bazsler’s Four Horsewomen comrades. While the referee’s attention was diverted Jessamyn Duke of the Four Horsewomen attempted to attack Kairi. Sane gets rid of her easy with a Spinning Backfist. Sane attempts a top rope maneuver but was halted by another member of the Horsewomen, Marina Shaffir. She too was quickly disposed of for her troubles. Bazsler attempts the Kirafuda Clutch but Sane reverses it into a pin for a two count. Sane attempts an O’Connor Roll for a second two count. While the referee’s back was turned giving the two count signal Jessamyn Duke kicks Sane square in the head. Bazsler slaps on the Kirafuda a second time. Sane tries to fight and stay alive with all her might but in the end, she is knocked out cold, losing the NXT Women’s Championship.


Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair – Last Woman Standing Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship: These ladies went pretty damn hardcore in this one. We had a cavalcade of chairs, kendo sticks, ladders, a brawl in the audience, and of course, tables. This was the perfect match for this feud. It was filled with viciousness and animosity. Flair hit her perfect moonsault while Becky was laying on a table except the table didn’t break. Have no fear, Charlotte lands a flipping senton beautifully. On the outside, Becky comes off a ladder with a leg drop onto Charlotte who was laying on an announcer’s desk. Becky tried to bury Charlotte under a mountain of chairs and broken table pieces hoping to finish this one off. When Charlotte breaks the referee’s ten count and gets to her feet Becky realizes she is dealing with a different animal. Both women battle on the outside leading to both women being on the outside of the ring on the apron. While Charlotte was heading to the top Becky was able to slide in and get leverage. Becky sends Charlotte flying off the top rope into a table below with the nastiest Jackknife Powerbomb I’ve seen in quite some time. Charlotte is unable to answer the count of ten and Becky retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship. This one has the arguments to consider it the Match of the Night.


Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nikki Bella – Raw Women’s Championship Match: Ronda was pretty much taking Nikki to school in the early goings of this match. Nikki was only able to take over the match thanks to Brie getting involved. Nikki kept things on the ground and never let Ronda get control of the match. Nikki may have thought she was doing too well in the match because then Ronda suddenly began rag dolling Nikki around the ring. Ronda almost seemed like a predator playing with eats meal while it’s still alive. Brie tried to once again intervene while Nikki has Ronda up on her shoulders so Ronda just plops Brie right on top and takes both women for a ride with that weird looking drop. Nikki caught her with a Rack Attack 2.0 but was only able to get a two count. The ending moments saw Rousey pull off sort of a rolling transition off the top rope allowing her to slap on an Armbar for the win. Decent match but I don’t know if this was the match to end the show.

Ronda celebrates on the stage with the female Superstars from all across WWE to end the show.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Evolution. The matches that I was looking forward to delivered like I thought they would and the show wasn’t dominated by the women Superstars of the past looking for nostalgia views. It was a wrestling show that showcased the growth of Women’s Wrestling on a WWE stage with a tip of the cap to some of the women paved the way.

Let us know what you thought of WWE Evolution in the comments below.

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