NXT Recap -10/31/18; NXT is Bro

Tonight is the debut of the King of Bros Matt Riddle plus Undisputed Era vs. War Raiders!

Nikki Cross vs Mercedes Martinez: Great ovation for Martinez. The beginning of this match was very technical chain wrestling where Mercedes really held her own with Nikki. Cross eventually had things in her favor using her wild cavewoman like offense. Martinez then takes over after a spinebuster and two backdrop drivers. Martinez went for her Fisherman Buster but Cross was able to block it. After a struggle, Cross hits her twisting neckbreaker she calls “The Purge” for the win. Great match and I hope Mercedes becomes a regular on NXT.

Cross and Martinez have a brief staredown as sort of a show of sportsmanship. Suddenly Candace Larae comes down to the ring to confront Nikki for, well snitching on her husband Johnny Gargano to Aleister Black. Nikki Cross leaves the ring and Candace is not happy. Before Nikki can get backstage she is stopped dead in her tracks by Aleister Black. The man who was attacked by LaRae’s husband Johnny Gargano gets directly in her face wanting to know where Gargano is. Candace denied knowing his whereabouts twice showing no fear of Black. Aleister gives one chilling warning before leaving the ring. “Your husband is done.”

Street Profits vs. The Mighty: Street Profits looking to get their cup and chains back from those thieves The Mighty. Angelo Dawkins is not playing around. Dawkins hits a flapjack and tags in Montez Ford. Man Montez can go, he cleans house and caps off the offense with a breathtaking topè. Ford reenters the ring on a slingshot but gets caught with a spinebuster by Nick Miller. The Mighty really working Ford over, cutting him off from making the tag to Dawkins. Ford lands on his feet from a suplex counter and leaps to make the tag to Dawkins who cleans house. The Mighty both enter to dispose of Dawkins. The Mighty try and double team Ford but Dawkins reenters and hits a big spinebuster. Ford springboards to the top and leaps with a sick frogsplash. Street Profits win the match and retrieve their property.

Cathy Kelly catches up with NXT GM William Regal to get an update on TakeOver: War Games. Regal announces Tomasso Ciampa will defend the NXT Championship against Velveteen Dream. Regal is confronted by an angry Aleister Black demanding to know where is Johnny Gargano. Regal informs Aleister that he instructed Gargano to stay home but Aleister will get his pound of flesh because at TakeOver it will be Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black. Aleister tells he Regal the same thing he told Candace LaRae earlier, Johnny’s time in NXT will fade to black.

Outside the arena, Lars Sullivan is pitching a fit because Velveteen Dream is getting a title shot before him. Lars says he’ll just rip Dream in two so he can’t make it to TakeOver.

Luke Menzies vs. Matt Riddle: Great debut for Riddle. Also an impressive showing by Luke Menzies. The match was a mixture of grapple wrestling, the power of Menzies, and the strikes of Riddle. The King of Bros lit Menzies up with some kicks. Riddle hits Menzies with a sick PK kick, a vicious knee strike, and gets a quick tap out with a grapevine abdominal stretch.

Next week we will see Lars Sullivan vs. Velveteen Dream.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo: I know we are supposed to be focused on the return of Lorcan and Burch but Carrillo and Mendoza tore the place down, NXT may have money there. Lorcan and Burch were a little caught off guard by the Lucha Libre offense of Carrillo and Mendoza but eventually took over thanks to their hard-hitting European style strikes. Oney and Burch hit Mendoza with a leverage assisted DDT for the win.

This week’s NXT was supposed to end with Bobby Fish and Adam Cole of Undisputed Era taking on the War Raiders but Undisputed Era was jumped from behind by the War Raiders during a pre-match promo. From there it was a wild brawl that went from the outside lounge area to the ring. Even Ricochet got involved to help out the War Raiders. Undisputed Era was only able to get the upper hand thanks to a chair shot from Fish to the leg of Hanson. Before UE could do any more damage “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne enters the fray with a chair in hand. Dunne helps Ricochet and the War Raiders dispose of the Undisputed Era. GM William Regal comes out and he is not happy. Regal makes a match for TakeOver, the Undisputed Era vs. Ricochet, Pete Dunne, and the War Raiders…inside War Games! What a way to end the show.

What did you think of tonight’s NXT? Leave a comment below and share this with your wrestling friends!

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