Luke Harper Injured?

There is speculation Luke Harper might be on the injured list at the moment. He was spotted last night with a cast on his left hand. His last match was an October 1st house show in Kennewick, WA. The last time he was on WWE programming was August 21st when he and Rowen dropped the tag titles to New Day on Smackdown.

The following report was written by Ian Carey and was taken from

Comedian, Brad Williams of Netflix’s “the Degenerates”, posted that Harper showed up to his comedy show last night:

Rowan suffered a torn pec (which has really been going around lately) this summer and has been on the injured list ever since.

Harper and Rowan

Collectively known as the Bludgeon Brothers, Eric Rowan, and Luke Harper held the Smackdown tag team titles from WrestleMania to August 21st. Harper was on the Edge and Christian podcast earlier this year and detailed his reaction to learning of the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick.

“[…] instantly, in my head, I go, ‘man, it’s 2018. What are we doing?’ And that lasted about a fleeting second. And then I said, ‘oh, this is f*****g awesome!”

“Years ago, me and Rowan were told we’re done. We’re done being a team, we’ve done everything we can, and we’re here for five years later in a whole new thing and we’re tag team champions, so I can’t complain.”


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