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WWE RAW Recap – 11/12/18

Raw comes to us live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO! It’s the last Raw before Survivor Series!

Raw starts with multiple tag teams in the ring for a Battle Royale, the winner will be the captains for the Raw Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination match. Before the match even gets out of the gate, Braun Strowman’s music hits and he comes barreling down the ramp. Braun cleans house and sits in the ring all alone. Strowman says he isn’t leaving the ring until he gets his hands on Acting GM Baron Corbin.  Strowman doesn’t get Corbin however, he gets Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. The reason Stephanie is out here is that she wants to make sure the Raw team continues its dominance of SmackDown in Survivor Series. McMahon is looking to make sure Strowman is a team player and to make sure he helps bring home the victory for Raw. and she is willing to offer Strowman whatever he wants to make sure that happens. Strowman doesn’t want money or fancy things, he just wants two things: A shot at the Universal Championship and to get his hands on Baron Corbin. Strowman wants Corbin, he wants to choose the stipulation, and he wants to make sure a waiver so Braun isn’t responsible for any damages. Stephanie agrees to all of Braun demands ONLY after Survivor Series. Strowman cannot put his hands on Corbin till then. The reason for this is Stephanie needs the Raw squad to stay motivated. One person that doesn’t need any motivation is Ronda Rousey who makes her way down to the ring. The Raw Women’s Champion says she doesn’t need any motivation to break Becky Lynch’s arm and perhaps she should take Stephanie’s arm to prove her point. Baron Corbin comes down to diffuse the situation. When he gets too close to Ronda the Champ flips him with a Judo throw before leaving the ring. When Baron comes to Strowman gets right in his face. No punches were thrown but Strowman did vow to neuter Stephanie’s lap dog.

Ember Moon vs. Tamina Snuka: I like the pairing of Tamina and Nia Jax, I just wish Nia would quit smiling. Jax is an unstoppable monster you shouldn’t mess with when she’s angry, but shes always smiling. And happy. I really hope Tamina can stay healthy and go on a run with some TV time. She’s explosive, agile, powerful, and filled with a wealth of knowledge where she could probably put on great matches with anyone. This was the typical match predicated on the size difference between Moon and Snuka. Ember was the underdog with the crowd on her side. Moon had a good comeback going and when she went up top for the Eclipse Nia was there for the distraction. Tamina hits Ember with a Superkick knocking her off the top. Tamina hits the splash for the win.

Dean Ambrose sort of sheds some light as to why he attacked Seth Rollins:

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler come down to the ring so Drew can relive the glory of defeating Kurt Angle in convincing fashion. Drew also plans to make Raw his show and on his show, there will be no time for nostalgia acts like Kurt Angle. Finn Balor comes down to the ring and takes exception to Drew going overboard with Kurt and kicking Balor’s lights out last week. Balor says he’s been dealing with bullies like Drew all his life and is not afraid to fight a bully. Drew scoffs at the idea and says if he wants a match he’s got one, against Dolph Ziggler. If Balor can beat Ziggler then maybe Drew will lower himself to Balor’s level. Dolph is a little perplexed by Drew’s phrasing but watches Drew smack Balor with a vicious headbutt.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor: Solid match but nothing out of the ordinary to note. Balor was able to get his bearings back mid-match after the headbutt from McIntyre. This one had lots of close calls and counter for counter wrestling. Ziggler hit a Famouser but only got a two count in a great close call spot. Balor had things well in hand, even taking out Ziggler and McIntyre at the same time. Balor attempts the Coupe de Grace but Ziggler moved out of the way. Balor jams his knee and Ziggler takes the opportunity to roll Balor up for a two count. Balor reverses the pin and keeps Ziggler’s shoulders pinned for a three count. Finn gets out of dodge before anything bad can happen to him.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is impressed with Balor’s win and puts Balor on the Raw Survivor Series team.

Ronda Rousey has some words for SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. More talk about armbars and something about millennial hipsters. It wasn’t a bad promo, just odd context.

Ruby Riott and the Riott Squad come down to the ring. Ruby is trying to apologize for intentionally breaking the sunglasses of Jim Neidhart the problem is she’s bad at acting. She comes clean saying she isn’t sorry for anything and taking some real low blows at Natalya. As you can expect, Natalya isn’t just going to take this verbal beating. She does the smart thing and uses her music as a diversion to attack Ruby from behind. Natalya gets some shots but the numbers are too much to overcome. Riott Squad hit Natalya with a really bad version of the Hart Attack, a move made famous by Natalya’s father and uncle.

We have that Battle Royale to determine team captains for the Raw Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination match. In a surprising move, Chad Gable and Bobby Roode eliminate The Ascension to win captain rights. Personally, I would have gone with The Revival but what do I know.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are here for Heyman to do his usual master selling of a Brock PPV match when they are interrupted by Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers. Jinder is out here to offer his services to Brock, Jinder wants Brock to find his inner Shanti. Brock actually thinks this is a good idea and Heyman should take a listen because “he’s Jewish”. (he actually said that) Brock absolutely destroys the trio with F-5s and German suplexes.

Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush) vs. Elias: The winner of this one will be the final member of the Raw Survivor Series team. This one didn’t really get going until the end which saw Elias get counted out because Lio Rush was holding the foot of Elias on the outside. Elias gets a measure of revenge by sending Lio flying to the outside into Lashley.

Alexa Bliss comes down to the ring to announce her team for Survivor Series. Obviously, Mickie James, Alexa’s closest companion, is a choice for the squad. She also announces Tamina and Nia Jax will also be on Team Raw. Natalya is the fourth member of the squad but was sent home by Alexa to focus on Survivor Series. To round out the fifth member of Team Raw we will have a match. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley. Whoa.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley: During the match, Sasha and Bayley were jumped by Nia, Tamina, and Mickie rendering this match inconsequential. This was all for Alexa just to announce that the fifth member of Team Raw will be Ruby Riott. Suddenly the camera shifts to backstage where Becky Lynch is backstage with the Disarmer Armbar locked on Ronda Rousey. She finally relinquishes the hold and moments later she’s walking down to the ring like a boss. This was a diversion allowing the SmackDown Live Women’s roster to jump the Raw team from behind. A wild brawl ensues and somehow Becky Lynch is busted open and is bleeding hard. The rest of the Raw Women’s roster spills out to the ring continuing the mayhem. Ronda Rousey comes sprinting down but is unable to get her hands on Becky because she is essentially fighting with one arm. The SmackDown team looks dominant ending tonight’s show.

Wow, Survivor Series is really shaping up to be a great show. For the second year in a row, it seems like there is all out warfare for brand supremacy. Becky Lynch is becoming a huge star right before our eyes. She’s heading into Steve Austin levels of badassery where she’s just going out there, doing what she wants, talking crap, and backing it up. Becky Lynch is the best thing about WWE hands down.

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s Raw in the comments below.


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