Survivor Series

Survivor Series 2018 Recap

Tonight is the one night of the year where Raw and SmackDown compete with each other for brand supremacy! It’s Survivor Series!


The New Day, The Usos, Gallows & Anderson, The Colons, and SANITY vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, The B-Team, The Ascension, Lucha House Party, and The Revival in a Tag Team Survivor Series Match (Kickoff Show): Kalisto injured his knee early on so an audible was called having Gran Metalik go from cheerleader to participant. Many of the less popular teams were eliminated in an order allowing the meat of the match to be Gable/Roode and The Revival vs. The Usos and The New Day. All four teams are just throwing everything at each other complete with multiple sick dives to the outside. Roode attempted a dive but was cut off by one of The Usos. Chad Gable hit a German suplex on one of The Usos from the top rope to a sea of bodies. Gable went for a moonsault inside the ring onto Big E but was caught and dropped by a Midnight Hour and is eliminated by The New Day. The Revival is left all alone to face The New Day and The Usos. Xavier Woods went for that dive for the top rope center position but The Revival pick him out of mid-air and hit him with Shatter Machine. The New Day has been eliminated. Fast forward to The Revival controlling the match and almost getting the win with a Superplex splash combo. The Usos stop a Shatter Machine with a Superkick and The Usos start kicking anything in red. Jey Uso comes off the top with a Splash and gets the three count. Team SmackDown gets the first brand victory of the night.

Earlier in the evening Natalya and Ruby Riott could not put their differences aside for their team and began brawling it out. Raw Captain Alexa Bliss kicks both women off the team and makes the announcement that Sasha Banks and Bayley will be taking their place on the team.

Survivor Series 2018


Carmella, Naomi, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Asuka vs. Mickie James, Tamina Snuka, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, and Bayley – 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match: Nia Jax comes out and she gets showered by boos seemingly from everyone in the state of California. After a brawl involving all the women Naomi, who is the captain of SmackDown, and Tamina gets eliminated from their respective teams. Mickie was working over Sonya when Bayley blind tagged herself in. Sasha and Bayley work Sonya over good then Mickie tags herself back in. Mandy Rose blind tags herself in and Sonya hits Mickie with a Shining Wizard. Sonya goes for the cover not knowing she isn’t the legal person. Mandy pushes Sonya off, gets the three count, and eliminates Mickie. A cocky Carmella got a little too cocky and gets hit with a Bayley to Belly before she is eliminated. The commentary is making Mandy out to be the MVP of the match. Too bad when Sasha puts Mandy in the Banks Statement she taps with the quickness. The Raw team really working Sonya over good. Nia Jax comes in to break up a pin and is dumped out of the ring to massive cheers. The action spills to the outside where Bayley and Sonya battle it out ringside. Bayley rounds off her finisher but both women are unable to answer the referee’s ten count. Both Bayley and Sonya Deville have been eliminated. This leaves Asuka to fend for herself against Sasha Banks and Nia Jax. Asuka is holding her own until Banks can drop her face first onto the apron. Even then Asuka maintains control. When Sasha finally looks like she has things in hand she is pushed off the top by Nia Jax. This allows Asuka to put the Asuka Lock on Sasha till Sasha taps. Nia comes in and obliterates Asuka and gets the win. Nia Jax is the sole survivor of the match and the crowd is pissed.


Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: We have a back and forth stalemate to start the match. Both men are not allowing the other to really take control. Shinsuke finds an opening when Rollins went for a dive to the outside but gets kicked in the face by Nakamura. The US Champion keeps things grounded. Rollins attempts to fight out but Nakamura’s striking ability is just too much. Rollins finally finds his momentum after a Slingblade. Rollins uses his power to dump Shinsuke to the outside then hits three suicide dives in succession. Rollins gets a two count after a slingshot clothesline back into the ring. Shinsuke blocks a suplex and clocks Rollins with a spin kick. Nakamura back to striking. After a back and forth exchange Shinsuke gets dropped with a Superkick. Nakamura blocks a Rollins buckle-bomb and starts hitting Rollins with stiff strikes. This wakes up Rollins who retaliates with the same. Nakamura finds a hole allowing him to slap on a triangle choke. Rollins uses his power to buckle-bomb Shinsuke into the corner. Even after all this, we find ourselves in another back and forth. Nakamura gets some space and heads to the top rope. Rollins blocks hi there and hits his Superplex into a Falcon Arrow only getting a two count. Nakamura baited Rollins into another strike battle but couldn’t finish it off. Rollins hits a ripcord knee but only for two. Rollins misses a frog splash allowing Nakamura to hit a Kinsasha to the back of the head for a two count. Nakamura goes for a second Kinsasha but Rollins ducks. Rollins hits a Superkick and attempts a Curbstomp. Nakamura ducks the stomp and hits Rollins with a kick dropping him in position for another Kinsasha but Rollins ducks it and hits a Curbstomp. Rollins gets the three and puts Raw up 2-1 in Survivor Series competition.


AOP vs. The Bar: Having Big Show in their corner has really helped The Bar become a more fluid unit. AOP comes at you with full force which can sometimes be a detriment. The Bar had the match in hand until Akam stopped a Swing from Cesaro. It’s barbaric, brawler style offense from AOP. I’ve never seen Cesaro dominated in this fashion. AOP is halting any sort of comeback from Cesaro. Finally, Cesaro is able to get the tag to Sheamus who cleans house and takes control of the match. Drake Maverick tries to assist his team by distracting The Bar. Cesaro chases Drake right into the shoulder of the Big Show on the outside. Big Show grabs the neck and hoists Drake so high he can stand on the apron. What next is the craziest, maybe the weirdest moment in Survivor Series history? Drake Maverick pisses himself. I’m not kidding. The Bar is flabbergasted. So much so they take their eyes of AOP who dumps Cesaro off the apron. AOP hit Sheamus with a neck breaker powerbomb combination for the win. Decent match, very weird ending.


Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight Championship: Both men waste little time breaking this down into a high flying typical Cruiserweight affair. The action weaves from in and out of the ring. Ali was on the top rope outside of the ring when Buddy comes from underneath and shoves Ali off sending him crashing into the barricade. This allows the Champion to take control of the match. Murphy absorbs any strikes thrown by Ali. The challenger Ali gets an opening thanks to a slingshot into the corner. Ali is ducking Murphy but when he attempts a roll through X Factor Murphy blocks it sending Ali flying to the ramp. Murphy hits a fantastic Tope then brings the action back in the ring. Ali gets the upper hand and finishes it off with a reverse Rana. No matter what Ali does Murphy kicks out. Ali traps Murphy between the ropes and catches him with a picture perfect Tornado DDT. Ali goes to the top where he is knocked off by Murphy. A battle begins on one of the commentary tables. It ends with a Spanish Fly from Ali off the table. The crowd is loving it. Ali goes for another 054 which Murphy turns into a powerbomb then sit out powerbomb. Both men vertical, Ali runs into a knee strike coming off the second rope. Buddy hits his Murphy’s Law finisher and gets the win. Excellent match.


Bobby Lashley, Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman vs. The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, and Shane McMahon – 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match: Raw had a beef with one another trying to figure out who to start the match. Strowman lobbied and won the right but Dre tags himself in any way. Samoa Joe takes the opportunity to lock on the Coquina Clutch on McIntyre but Drew doesn’t tap. McIntyre fights off and pops off a Claymore Kick out of nowhere. Drew gets the pin and Joe is eliminated to a stunned crowd and team. Braun and Drew continue to fight each other over getting in the match. This time they came to blows! SmackDown takes the opportunity to gang up on Strowman who gets it with a 619 then he is dumped to the outside and placed on a commentary table. Shane McMahon hits his patented elbow from the corner to the heart of Strowman. Back in the ring Raw team is imploding. Now Balor and McIntyre are brawling. Balor and Miz begin to fight with Balor winning the exchange. Balor and Mysterio have a nice back and forth ending with Mysterio hitting Balor with 619 and drops the dime to eliminate Balor. McIntyre beats on Balor before his exit. Lashley comes in and completely destroys Mysterio. Rey finds an opening long enough to get a tag to Hardy who begins his battle with Ziggler. Hardy dives off the top for a Swanton except Dolph got his knees up before impact. The Miz gets the tag and takes over. Miz tags in Shane who hits Coast to Coast and pins Ziggler to eliminate him. The Miz and Lashley battle in the ring and Miz puts Lashley in position for a second Coast to Coast for Shane. McMahon definitely shouldn’t be attempting this a second time and Braun shows why. As Shane is in the air Braun clubs him from the apron. Rey breaks up a pin and drags Shane back to their corner. Jeff is eliminated quickly by Braun and so is Miz and Mysterio. This leaves Shane alone to face Braun, McIntyre, and Lashley. It doesn’t take much and Shane is dropped after a Powerslam from Braun. The three is counted and this Survivor Series match is over.

After the match, Baron Corbin takes a cheap shot on Strowman. I don’t know why you would do that knowing Strowman is in the clear to destroy you? Regardless Raw is up 4 wins to 1.

Seth Rollins is informed he will defend the Intercontinental Championship at TLC.


Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey: This one starts off wild. Both women are not letting the other gain the upper hand. This is coming off like a legit fight. Charlotte shoves Ronda into the bottom turnbuckle which turns the match around in her favor. Ronda is bleeding from the mouth. Ronda still holding her own and we have a ground battle. Charlotte doing an excellent job preventing getting trapped in an armbar. Both women are slugging it out Ronda is spending too much time looking for crowd admiration and gets cut in half with a Spear from Charlotte. A Figure Four spot ends with both women rolling to the outside. Ronda is in control until they are back in the ring. From here it is more back and forth. The crowd is loving this match. Charlotte rolls to the outside for a breather. Ronda chases her down but Charlotte is waiting to strike with a Kendo Stick. It was in clear view of the official who calls for the bell. From here Charlotte beats the holy hell out of Ronda. This is an all-out assault using kendo sticks and chairs. Charlotte finishes off the beating by trapping Ronda neck inside a chair and stomping on it crushing Ronda’s throat. Holy [bleep]. The match was great. The ending makes no sense to anyone as of right now but I’m sure it will make sense in the coming weeks. The way I see it when you come into WWE trashing pro wrestling’s Four Horsewomen as fake when one has the birthright, you may catch some smoke. Fans are sticking up for Becky, but they’re also behind Charlotte because they see the bragging rights at stake.


Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar: Bryan playing cat and mouse early on. Once Brock gets his hands on Bryan this match takes a dark turn. It is suplex after suplex after suplex with beating after beating. I legit fear for the safety of Daniel Bryan. Brock is destroying Bryan on the outside. Back on the inside, it’s more of the same. I’d be fine with this matching being stopped by the official. Brock has Daniel in a bear hug and it’s so tight you can hear Daniel wheeze for air. Lesnar barks, “Goodnight everybody!” before an F-5. Brock goes for the pin but pulls Bryan up before two. Brock gets cocky. When Brock goes to attack Bryan catches him with kicks twice. A fed-up Lesnar goes for a second F-5 but sends Bryan into the referee. Bryan lands on his feet and kicks Lesnar with a vicious low blow. Bryan hits the Running Knee Strike! 1..2…kick out. This is insane. Bryan is taking the fight to Lesnar. Even when Lesnar gets his shots in Bryan dishes it back. Bryan can’t put Lesnar away but he is doing damage. Bryan attacks the legs. When Brock tries to go for an F-5 his legs give out allowing Bryan to put on the Yes Lock. Brock Lesnar is inches from tapping out! Brock fights out and when Bryan goes to resume his attack Brock drops him with an F-5. 1…2…3. Brock Lesnar wins an absolutely incredible match. The story told in the ring was so well laid out that hooked you in from bell to bell.

When it is all said and done Raw dominates SmackDown with Raw winning all of the matches on the main card. Survivor Series all together was a fun watch for me. There are tons of things to look forward to. Will Nia continue to be the most hated talent on the roster? How will Charlotte justify her actions? Should Baron Corbin enter witness protection? Has Daniel Bryan lost his mind? I can’t wait for Raw and SmackDown this week.

What did you think of Survivor Series 2018? Leave your comments below.










































































































































































































































































































































































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