NXT Recap – 11/21/18

Tonight’s episode of NXT TV comes to us pre-taped from the Staples Center in LA for Survivor Series. It is the fallout of War Games!

Keith Lee vs. Fidel Bravo: I don’t know what or who Fidel Bravo is but he did not fair well against Lee. A one-sided match, Lee wins with the Supernova.

We get a replay of the opening to War Games this past Saturday where Matt Riddle knocked out and beat Kassius Ohno in seven seconds.

Lars Sullivan destroyed an enhancement talent in less than a minute. After the match, Lars gets on the mic and demands an NXT Championship match. To get his point across Lars attacks the enhancement he just destroyed. Before Lars could do serious damage Keith Lee runs down and makes the save by pouncing Lars right out of the ring.

In an exclusive video, Aleister Black ran into Candace LaRae backstage after his match at War Games. No words were spoken, just a brief stare down.

I hope they reinforce the ring next week because we’re going to see Lars Sullivan vs. Keith Lee!

Nikki Cross vs. Candace LaRae: Cross gets the upper hand early taking the battle outside of the ring and trapping LaRae in the ring skirt. Candace finds an opening kicking Nikki’s legs out from under her then hitting her with a senton. In the ring Candace maintains the offense getting some close pins. LaRae went for her Quebrada but misses. Cross hits The Purge but only gets a two count. Both women battle in the corner ending with LaRae hitting an Avalanche German Suplex for a two count. Nikki Cross begins to laugh confusing Candace. LaRae snaps on Nikki beating her down with fists. LaRae traps Nikki in a Deathlock then smashes her face into the canvas. Candace puts Nikki in the Gargano Escape but Nikki is able to get to the ropes. When Candace goes to resume her attack Nikki sends her throat first into the bottom rope. Nikki hits Candace with a Hangman’s Spinning Neckbreaker for the win. The side of aggression that Candace showed didn’t play well with the crowd so I’m wondering if this will lead to Candace following the lead of her husband Johnny Gargano.

Not much to this episode of NXT but this is the norm for NXT TV after a TakeOver. Next week should be great.


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