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Match Review – Pete Dunne (c) vs. Danny Burch for the NXT UK Championship [NXT UK #5]

The fifteen-year veteran Danny Burch gets an opportunity at Pete Dunne and the NXT UK Championship.

The match starts with some pretty neat chain wrestling. From there Dunne goes into his joint manipulation mode with control of the wrist. Burch breaks the hold with a suplex throw that only deters Dunne for a moment. Burch finds multiple openings but Dunne has the ability to always know where he is in the ring. An ex-plex on the apron puts Dunne back on top. Dunne begins to attack the arm with wrist locks and smash strikes. Dunne now toying with Burch like prey. Dunne keeps the pressure on but Burch is defiant. European uppercuts and heavy strikes allow Burch to take over. Burch hits a powerbomb with a roll through knee strike for a two count. Dunne wakes up after a forearm and resumes his attack on the left on arm of Burch who is in serious pain. Dunne tries to smash the hand on the steel steps but Burch swipes the foot of Dunne sending him face first into the steps. Burch finishes off the onslaught with a German suplex on the outside. Back in the ring, Burch is trapped in a triangle choke. Burch counters it with a vicious buckle bomb. A battle on the top rope ends with Burch hitting Dunne with an Avalanche German suplex wiping out both men. We are at a standstill. Dunne and Burch throw everything they have at each other and it ends with both men laying flat on the mat. Burch is the first man to his feet but Dunne goes back to attacking the left arm. Dunne begins to viciously stomp Burch in his face. Burch somehow gets to his feet and hits Dunne with a headbutt. Both men grapple on the ground with Burch getting the upper hand with a cross face. Dunne instinctively goes for the fingers of Burch’s left hand breaking the hold. Burch almost has the match won hitting Dunne with a Hangman’s DDT but he only gets a two count. Dunne hits the Bitter End but somehow Burch kicks out at two. Dunne traps Burch to the mat with a mount and begins to pry at Burch’s fingers. The pain is too much for Danny Burch to endure and he taps out.

This was an absolute classic of a match. Back and forth action, technical wrestling, and hard hitting strikes this match was everything you would expect when you see both these names on the card…and then some. NXT UK is still in its infancy but this one can no doubt be looked at as the gold standard for the promotion.

To watch the full episode of NXT UK #5, including this match, click here.


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