Match Review

Match Review – Jordynne Grace vs. Dash Chisako [OTT Defiant]

This match was sent in via Twitter from @HeavyGoods77. Sean takes us back to Dublin and back to Over the Top Wrestling to check out Jordynne Grace versus Dash Chisako. This is my first time watching the work of Chisako and I’ve been meaning to learn more about Japanese Women’s Wrestling so I’m excited!

If you don’t the name Jordynne Grace then we need to brush you up on your wrestling. Grace has taken the wrestling world by storm as one of the strongest performers on the scene male or female. Jordynne hails from Austin, Texas with her two biggest passions are wrestling and powerlifting and it really shows. Her whole game for this match is using her power against the lighter Chisako. Jordynne is different from other power wrestlers in the sense that her offense is based for maximum impact with every move. Grace’s opponent will have little time to catch their breath before getting hit with another move. The craziest thing about Grace is that she’s only 22 years old. Grace debuted in 2011 and has been on the fast track to superstardom ever since. Grace has been competing all across the globe, is one of the breakout stars for the ALL IN event to now being signed exclusively to Impact Wrestling.

I had to do some research on Dash Chisako and from what I can gather she is a very accomplished Tag Team wrestler with her sister Sendai Sachiko as well as a member of the winning team, the Sendai Girls, in the 2016 King of Trios Tournament for Chikara.

I really enjoyed this match. It wasn’t a match with multiple near falls or high spots, it was a well-paced match based on a difference in strength. Grace starts the match asking for a Test of Strength which I took as Grace looking to get in the head of Chisako. Dash attempts multiple dropkicks that Grace shrugged off like a fly. Grace mixes her strength with explosive speed adding even more impact. Chisako is the most believable little underdog I’ve ever seen. Dash just keeps coming at Grace with everything she has. I would say a good 75% of the offense belonged to Grace. However, sometimes trying to throw that much offense at an opponent all at once can leave you open. After Grace hits Dash with double knees to the back she follows it up with an elbow smash in the corner. Grace goes to the opposite corner and runs in looking to hit a Vader Bomb. Chisako moves before Jordynne can land the splash and Grace lands flat on the mat. Chisako heads to the top and comes off executing the prettiest Frog Splash I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I had to rewind it and show it to my brother. Dash Chisako gets the win.

Ultimately Chisako winning is what made this match as good as it was. From the bell, it looked like a foregone conclusion that Grace was coming away with the win. During the match Grace dominated, there really wasn’t a mistake on her end it was just the quickness and maybe the experience of Dash that allowed her to figure out how to get the win. It made sense. Everything was laid out perfectly. Fun watch.

Thanks again to Sean on sending this link. This was a great example on how to make a match with such a strength difference believable and surprising but logical.

Is there a match you would like me to review? Send me a link on either Twitter or Facebook. If it is a match from an Indy promotion please make sure the link is the full match and it comes from their channel, not a pirated source.


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