Match Review

Match Review – Biff Busick vs. Eddie Edwards in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match

This match was for Beyond Wrestling on their Tournament For Tomorrow 2 event. I found this one thanks to the subreddit WredditTV.

This match was a sixty-minute test of cardiovascular conditioning and will to be the better man. Both Busick and Edwards hail from Boston and both have similar in-ring styles combining technical expertise and stiff striking. The first eight minutes or so of the match was both Busick and Edwards looking to get the advantage with a beautiful display of chain wrestling. After eight minutes of wrist locks and leverage holds you can see each man knows they may be in for a fight. I especially enjoyed the moments when the action spilled to the outside. It was hard to tell whether the fans who were caught in the crossfire were fans or perhaps people “in the know”. When technical wrestling wasn’t enough for either man both resort to brutalizing the other with chops. Biff using brutal European style uppercuts that put Edwards on spaghetti legs. Not to be outdone, Edwards left grotesque welts on Busick’s chest. Multiple close calls, the atmosphere of the Fete Music venue, and the fact that the match was so evenly matched make this match an absolute gem of a watch. Kudos to both Eddie Edwards and Biff Busick for going out there for sixty minutes and leaving everything they had in the ring.

Biff has gone on to bigger things and is now apart of NXT’s blossoming Tag Team Division as Oney Lorcan. Together with Danny Burch, Lorcan has found success due to his pitbull like mentality and his no-nonsense smashmouth offense.

Eddie Edwards has gone on to find success with Impact Wrestling. Before arriving at Impact, Edwards was considered a workhorse on the Indy scene and a huge reason for the early success of Ring of Honor. With Impact Wrestling Edwards has been a five-time Tag Team Champion with Davey Richards, a two time X Division Champion, and has held the TNA World Championship once.

Looking for a stiff, hard-hitting match filled with drama, where both competitors give everything they have? This is the match for you. Shout out to Beyond Wrestling who’s YouTube content consistently showcases some of the best wrestling on the Indy scene.

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