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RAW Recap – 12/3/18

Raw comes to us live from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. Ronda Rousey is in action plus Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and more!

Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka: Before the bell rang the Riott Squad came down to the ring with a table. Tamina and Nia seized the opportunity to attack Rousey. A wild brawl breaks out which leads to Natalya going through the table at the hands of the Riott Squad.

Alexa Bliss conducts another open forum for Bayley and Sasha Banks to field questions from the WWE Universe. It wasn’t an interesting segment but Bayley and Sasha did make mention of potentially being the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions. Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox, and Mickie James charge the ring but are stopped by Alexa who makes a match.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Mickie James and Alicia Fox: A misdirection lead to Alicia colliding with Mickie James and Sasha cleans house. James breaks up the Banks Statement. A back and forth between Sasha and Mickie leads to Mickie getting hit with a Back Stabber from Sasha right into a Bayley to Belly. Boss and Hug Connection get the win. Oddly, Alexa Bliss is applauding the Sasha and Bayley.

Ronda Rousey confronts Alexa Bliss over the attack from the Riott Squad. Alexa informs Ronda that she has sent the Riott Squad home and will address their actions next week. Ronda says she isn’t done with Tamina and Nia and will hunt them down. She will find a partner to help before the night is over.

We get this ridiculous propaganda video on Baron Corbin’s rise to the position as Raw GM-Elect. Corbin grants Bobby Roode and Chad Gable a rematch against AOP under one condition, Bobby Roode can defeat Drake Maverick. Furthermore, Chad and AOP are banned from ringside. I smell a setup.

Scott Dawson vs. Lucha House Party: For the third week in a row all of the members of Lucha House Party are allowed to be in the match against Scott Dawson who is by himself. I really don’t get this. Why do the good guys who have the numbers in their favor need an even bigger advantage against the bad guys? Isn’t that unfair? Kalisto hits Dawson with Salida del Sol followed up by a Senton from Gran Metalik for the win.

So tonight is Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night and GM-Elect Baron Corbin presents McIntyre with a gold medal of excellence to go along with a video package. McIntyre says he plans to mold Raw in his image and he is tired of the current Superstars acting more like fans than Superstars. McIntyre says guys like Finn Balor are boys in a man’s world. Dolph Ziggler comes down to the ring and wonders he wasn’t included in the video package or invited to this ceremony for Drew. To Dolph, he was the reason Drew was on Raw. Dolph says that he and Drew had an alliance where Dolph was the brains and Drew was the muscle of the team. Drew informs Dolph that he wasn’t invited on purpose. To Drew, he only aligned himself with Dolph as a stepping stone to get to the top. Now that Drew has found himself in a position of prominence he no longer needs Dolph. It’s almost as if Drew is breaking up with Dolph. Drew kicks Ziggler out of his ring but Dolph isn’t going quietly. Dolph starts laying in shots before hitting the Zig Zag. Baron Corbin is irate and makes a match for this instant.

Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler: The majority of the match was dominated by McIntyre who took the time to get on the mic and question whether he is taking it too easy on Dolph. Drew thinks he’ll look at Dolph as if he is Finn Balor. Drew continues his attack when suddenly the real Finn Balor makes his way down to the ring. When the referee wasn’t looking Finn hits Drew with a dropkick sending him into the barricade. McIntyre is able to make it back in the ring before the referee’s ten count but gets hit with a Superkick from Ziggler. Dolph gets the three and hands Drew his first pinfall defeat since returning to Raw.

Backstage Drew tells Charly Caruso that Dolph has made an enemy of him and Finn Balor is a marked man.

Elias was in the ring to perform a song but he is interrupted by Lio Rush who is with Bobby Lashley. Lio has Bobby hit his poses and a fed up Elias goes after him, guitar in hand. Both men scuffle at the top of the ramp with Elias getting the upper hand. Lio Rush bailed when Elias was making his way up the ramp but magically appears in perfect position for Elias to obliterate his guitar on the back of Lio. It turns out Finn Balor was the one who tossed Lio in the wrath of Elias.

Bobby Roode vs. Drake Maverick: I knew there was a setup! A minute into the match AOP is shown on the big screen beating down Chad Gable backstage. Baron Corbin breaks up the beatdown and tells AOP he forgot to inform them the match was changed to a 2 on 3 Handicap Match. Roode in the ring sees what is happening and tries to pin Maverick before AOP can make their way down to the ring. Unfortunately, Roode’s efforts are for nothing as AOP makes it to the ring in time. Chad tried to fight for his team but in the end, AOP hits the Super Collider. To add insult to injury Drake Maverick gets the three count for the win. No shot at the Tag Titles for Roode and Gable.

A loud warning siren blares over the speakers as security personnel comes down to the ring all wearing gas masks. Dean Ambrose makes his way down also wearing a gas mask to protect himself from the germs of Houston, TX. Ambrose says Roman and Seth were the ones who sold out The Shield to become role models. Ambrose says everyone looks at him like the bad guy but he is the moral compass of the WWE. Burn it Down screams over the speakers and security rushes up the ramp anticipating Seth Rollins who actually comes through the crowd. Rollins takes out security and goes right for Ambrose. Both men battle through the audience and make their back to the ring. Rollins leaps off the barricade but Ambrose blasts Rollins with a gas mask. Ambrose hits Rollins with the Dirty Deeds DDT on the out then once again in the ring.

Heath Slater vs. Rhyno: According to Baron Corbin there is only room for one of these Superstars on the roster for Raw. Since Slater and Rhyno can’t come to a compromise as to who should give up their spot, Corbin puts them in a 1 on 1 match. The match. itself lasted about two minutes with Slater catching Rhyno off guard with a roll-up. I don’t even think WWE put much thought into this as they went right up to commercial. No embrace, handshake, beatdown, nothing.

Finn Balor vs. Jinder Mahal: Nothing really crazy to note here, pretty standard match. Balor was going for the Coupe de Grace but was knocked off the top by one of the Singh Brothers. Apollo Crews appears out of nowhere and disposes of the Singh Brothers but gets dropped by a kick from Jinder. Balor flies over the top to the outside with a tope. Balor rolls Jinder back into the ring and hits him with a Shotgun Dropkick. Balor hits the Coupe de Grace for the win. I’m confused as to why Crews just magically appeared out of nowhere.

Well, Finn Balor was having a good night until he was attacked from behind by Drew McIntyre.

Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon vs. Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax: While Ember was doing her entrance Nia and Tamina took the opportunity to jump Ronda once again. Ember comes in and helps Ronda cleans house in the ring before we head to break. Coming back from break with Nia and Tamina really working Ember Moon over good. Ember connects with an enziguiri allowing her to get the tag to Ronda. The Raw Women’s Champion comes in and starts lighting Tamina up with punches. Tamina retreats to the corner and Ronda demands Tamina tag in Nia. Tamina agrees and Nia hesitantly gets in the ring before tagging out once again. A frustrated Ronda tosses Nia back in the ring and begins lighting her up as well. Together Ronda and Ember take control. Ronda hits Tamina with one final barrage of offense then Ember comes off the top with The Eclipse. Ronda slaps the armbar on Tamina who has no choice but to submit. Raw goes off the air with Rinda in the middle of the ring staring down Nia.

Overall, while this Raw wasn’t AS bad as last week it wasn’t much better. It’s great that they are making Drew a focal point of the brand the is just so much going on around him, all of which is pretty uneventful. Corbin as the authority figure just gets more annoying as time passes. I do enjoy the direction they are taking Dean Ambrose’s character. He says all the normal things you would expect from a villain but in a sort of manic expression which plays up more of his lunacy than ever before.

What did you think of Raw? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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