NXT Recap -12/5/18

This week on NXT TV Dakota Kai takes on Shayna Baszler in non-title action plus Tommaso Ciampa speaks for the first time since NXT TakeOver: War Games.

Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez: Holy [bleep] its Punishment Martinez. I love Matt Riddle but Punishment is my guy. This is a huge addition to NXT. I was hoping Punishment would get the win but Riddle is just too hot of a commodity. Punishment did hold is own against Riddle, impressing everyone with his blend of power, quick strikes, and deceptive speed hitting Riddle with a perfect Cyclone Kick. Riddle brought his expert striking ability and his extensive MMA background to bring the fight to Martinez. Riddle attempted to lock in the BroMission but Martinez prevents Riddle from locking his hands. Riddle starts laying in vicious palm strikes to the chest of Martinez who has no choice but to drop his guard. Riddle locks on the BroMission and Martinez taps quickly. Good stuff.

After the match, Kassius Ohno surprises Matt Riddle by knocking him out with a Rolling Elbow.

Next week Ricochet will be defending his North American Championship on NXT. Bianca Belair was the first of four to qualify for a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. Last but not least, Heavy Machinery look to be gearing up for an opportunity at Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong and the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake): NXT may have really found something with Carrillo and Mendoza, they were the stars of the match. They worked like a luchador version of the Hardys. Forgotten Sons were more of no finesse, brawlers of the match. Despite flashy, gravity-defying offense Carrillo and Mendoza can’t halt the power of The Forgotten Sons. Cutler and Blake get the win with a Stomp Reverse DDT combo.

What’s next for the Velveteen Dream? I don’t know. He really didn’t say anything of substance while Undisputed Era basically does not take anyone on the NXT roster seriously.

Dakota Kai vs. Shayna Baszler (w/ Marina Shaffir & Jessamyn Duke): It looks like this go around Kai isn’t as afraid of Baszler. Kai goes right after Shayna but unfortunately takes a collision into the ring post. Back in the ring, Baszler dismantles the left arm of Dakota Kai. The captain of Team Kick does not give up the fight with a succession of brutal kicks. Kai even rounds off a sick looking double stomp but only for two. Baszler locks Kai’s wrist allowing her to control the match. There is a battle in the corner ending with a gut wrench suplex off the top from Baszler. Kai once again tries to neutralize Baszler with kicks but coming off the ropes Baszler trips Kai then quickly slaps on the Kirafuda Clutch for the tap out win.

After the match, Baszler, Duke, and Shaffir beat down Kai. Io Shirai comes and makes the save, cleaning house. Baszler is in prime position for a kick in the corner but she is saved by her comrades. If Kai would have connected Baszler’s face would have come clean off.

Tommaso Ciampa came out to gloat about his NXT TakeOver win over Velveteen Dream but it looks like Aleister Black has some business he wants to handle:

I enjoyed this week’s episode of NXT. As you can see, I am a huge fan of Punishment Martinez. I really think NXT has a solid Tag Team developing with Carrillo and Mendoza. The NXT Championship picture continues to be a fascinating story. Aleister knows Tommaso is manipulative, Tommaso embraces his manipulative ways and manipulates a potential Steel Cage Match between Aleister and Johnny Gargano. Something tells me Tommaso’s plan is going to backfire and he’s going to end up inside the cage as well.

What did you think of this week’s NXT TV? Drop a line in the comments!

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