SmackDown Live Recap – 12/18/18

SmackDown Live begins with a backstage speech regarding the new era of WWE:

The now-former SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch comes out and demands she gets Ronda Rousey. Becky’s demands aren’t met but Becky is confronted by Charlotte Flair who says Becky is now number two behind her. This draws out the new SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka who boasts that she is the champion. As the women bicker in the ring, the familiar sounds of No Chance in Hell echo through the arena. Mr. McMahon has arrived. He is wondering why Charlotte and Becky are arguing over Ronda Rousey when a TLC Match is a no disqualification match. It’s up to them to decide what they should do about Ronda Rousey. As for the new champion Asuka, how about a challenge for her first night as champion?

Asuka (c) vs. Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship: What a fantastic match from both women. Asuka really took it to Naomi and Naomi stood toe to toe with her. At one point Naomi hit Asuka with the Rearview almost putting away Asuka. Naomi showed a lot of guts fighting out of multiple Asuka Lock attempts. In the end, The Empress is just too much for Naomi who taps to the Asuka Lock. Great match.

The Miz wants Vince McMahon’s blessing to team with Shane.

Apparently, Samoa Joe was going to apologize for his harsh actions against Jeff Hardy. For the past few weeks, Joe has been bringing up Jeff past issues with alcohol and other personal demons. Of course, Joe isn’t actually going to apologize, he wants this to be like an intervention. Jeff doesn’t really need an intervention because he knows he is not going back to those dark places. Jeff wonders if Joe is actually insecure because accomplished so little so far in WWE. Joe doesn’t take to kindly to the jab but Jeff takes him out with a Twist of Fate.

The Miz & Mandy Rose vs. Carmella & R-Truth: Fabulous Truth had things in hand but this time the seven-second dance break came back to bite them. Carmella takes out Mandy with a Superkick but The Miz comes from behind and hits R-Truth with Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

The Usos vs. Gallows & Anderson: The Usos were originally looking for The Bar but Gallows and Anderson answer instead. Gallows and Anderson are tired of being looked over for the past four months. AJ official comes down to the ring and the match announcement is made. Gallows and Anderson keep The Usos grounded. Jimmy and Gallows go crashing to the outside, Jey is looking to fly. Before Jey could make it over the top rope he is stopped by the boot of Anderson leaving Jey caught in the ropes. Back from break with The Usos closing in on a victory. Suddenly The Bar make their way down to the ring. Jimmy, unbothered hits a Splash before being attacked by members of Sanity. The Usos, Gallows, and Anderson are left laying by Sanity. When Sanity exits, The Bar goes in and picks the bones like the triumphant champions they are.

Next week Shinsuke Nakamura defends the US Championship against Rusev plus Jeff Hardy gets Samoa Joe one on one!

Before the main event, the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan chastises the Live audience about GMOs or something.

Daniel Bryan & Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali: Surprisingly, both teams are working really well as first time partners. When we get back from break, Ali is being worked over really good by Bryan and Almas. Somehow Ali makes to the rope breaking a sick looking Dragon Sleeper from Bryan. Almas continues the onslaught but when Almas goes for the double Moonsault fake out Ali gets his knees up. Ali gets the tag to AJ who takes to Daniel Bryan. AJ had Bryan in a Calf Crusher until it was broken up by Almas. AJ sends Almas to the outside where he is taken out by Ali. Styles and Bryan do battle to a stalemate. Styles gets the tag to Ali is looking to put things away when he is cut off by Almas. Ali fights Almas off allowing Styles to come flying through the air with a Phenomenal Forearm to completely take out Almas. Mustafa Ali hits a wicked 054 on Daniel Bryan. 1…2…3! Holy [bleep] Mustafa Ali just pinned the WWE Champion. A new era indeed.

Tonight it looked as though this “fresh faces, fresh matchups” approach is not only happening but maybe the trick to turn things around for WWE. Mustafa Ali pinned the WWE Champion. Wow.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown Live? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!


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