Bayley Talks WWE and Women’s Tag Titles

Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bayley was recently asked about some interesting topics. She did an interview where she spoke with about various topics including if she is satisfied with where she is in WWE at the moment.

“I never really look at other people, I just worry about myself. I’m always wanting more and there’s always a lot more to be done but we’re working on it and trying our best.”

The follow-up questions were about how vocal she is backstage and if she thinks that she is listened to by WWE officials. “Very vocal, we bother them a lot,” Bayley stated. “Sometimes, yeah. It’s a process.”

After months of talk of the possibility, WWE has made it official as there will be an introduction of tag team titles in the women’s division in the near future. Just last week on an episode of RAW, WWE aired a video of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announcing the news while being dressed up as Santa Claus.

Bayley was asked will the women’s tag-team division change things at all, which is when she responded by stating that there are so many talented women and they need something else to fight for as all of the stars want to be the champion. She thinks they also need more to look forward to and something else to give the fans.

This report was written by Andrew Ravens and was taken from


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