SmackDown Live Recap – 1/15/19

The show begins with Becky Lynch pulling up to the arena. She runs into The New Day hanging with Heavy Machinery consuming a horrible concoction of items that do not go together. Becky comes down to the ring and proclaims that Asuka has no idea how to lead this Women’s Division after the buzz that Becky created. Asuka comes down to the ring and takes exception to Becky’s comments and says Becky is all hype and at Royal Rumble Asuka will show that Becky will always be stuck in Charlotte’s shadow. The IIconics make an appearance saying that Asuka doesn’t conduct herself as a proper champion and Becky acts like a bully. Becky turns to Asuka and asks her if she wants a front row seat to see what all the buzz is about and we have a match.

Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce: Peyton had a great showing, really keeping pace and holding her own against Becky. Eventually, Peyton falls right into the DisarmHer from Becky and taps.

Asuka gets in the ring and begins yelling in Japanese. It looks as though Asuka wants to show Becky up by taking on Billie Kay.

Asuka vs. Billie Kay: This one lasted about two minutes with Asuka teasing a DisarmHer of her own but when Billie almost catches Asuka sleeping, Asuka slaps on the Asuka Lock and Billie taps.

Before Becky and Asuka come to blows AJ Styles comes down to the ringside area and heads into the crowd…

We come back from break with AJ Styles holding his own concession stand with hot dogs and WWE merchandise. Daniel Bryan ambushes AJ and they get into a wild brawl.

Jimmy Uso gets a gift who he assumes is from his wife since their anniversary is coming up. Turns out the gift is from Mandy Rose and it’s a hotel key.

We were supposed to get Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali but Joe attacked Ali during his entrance and beat him down. The reason for this attack is so it serves as a message to anyone with championship aspirations using the Royal Rumble is now a target.

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/ Zelina Vega): It looks like Almas will now just go by Andrade. In the beginning, Rey kept things grounded neutralizing the speed of Andrade. Andrade reverses momentum and is now the one keeping Mysterio grounded. Rey gets a window and kicks it into high gear. Rey almost hits a 619 and Andrade a Hammerlock DDT but we’re back at a stalemate. The action spills outside where Andrade hits a massive powerbomb. We come back from a break with the match going total Lucha Libre. Mysterio had things in hand but Andrade found an opening and takes over. Andrade hits the running double knees for two. Rey has another opening and heads up top but is cut off by Andrade. The battle ends up on the apron where Mysterio hits a hurricanrana sending Almas crashing to the floor with a wicked thud. Mysterio goes back in and comes off the top with a seated senton to the outside. This thing is just a wild back and forth affair with the crowd chanting this is awesome. It truly is. Mysterio almost wins with another beautiful Destroyer Piledriver. Andrade blocks a 619 but Rey turns the block into a Crucifix Bomb counter. A frustrated Zelina Vega heads to the top distracting the referee. This allows Andrade to knock Rey down from the top and drop Rey with a Hanging Hammerlock DDT for the win. What an absolute beauty of a match.

Jimmy Uso actually went to Mandy’s hotel room! It turns out the reason Mandy wanted Jimmy in this hotel room wasn’t for an extramarital affair but to make it seem like it was. A photographer pops out of the bathroom flashing pictures of Mandy in her underwear and Jimmy in the room. Mandy wants to use the photos to destroy Naomi simply because she doesn’t like her. Funny thing is, Jimmy smelled a setup. Naomi suddenly appears and the two women get into a wild brawl.

The Miz holds a special birthday celebration for Shane McMahon. Miz gifts Shane a sweet new pair of Jordans, two birthday cakes, and a custom video package. During the birthday sing-a-long, the party is interrupted by the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar. Shane takes exception to Sheamus attacking his partner last week so he wants to see The Miz and Sheamus right now. The Miz is a little reluctant to perform since he is a nice suit but Shane convinces The Miz by pointing out that Shane won the Best in the World in his street clothes, so we have a match.

The Miz vs. Sheamus: Miz does a pretty good job working a match in suit trousers and keeping up with Sheamus. Cesaro hops up on the apron and takes a cheap shot on The Miz. Shane McMahon comes to his partner’s aide yanking Cesaro off the apron into one of the birthday cakes. Sheamus takes his eye off the ball allowing The Miz to roll him up for the win. Sheamus beats down Miz after the bell but Shane makes the save. Miz drops Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz and Shane McMahon cap off the night with Shane hitting the Coast to Coast on Sheamus with The Miz holding one of the cakes to Sheamus’ face. The show ends with Shane and Miz hoisting up the Best in the World trophy.

I thought SmackDown was a great show tonight. Rey vs. Andrade could be the best match you’ll see this month.


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