NXT UK Recap -1/16/19

Tonight’s show is the aftermath of NXT TakeOver: Blackpool!

Ligero vs. Saxton Huxley: I’m a big fan of Ligero. He has a hybrid style of strikes and speed offense that make his matches fun to watch. Ligero starts the match on offense but Huxley keeps him grounded. Ligero finds an opening and hits a missile dropkick for two. Huxley counters a Cassadora Bulldog but Ligero doesn’t lose momentum. Ligero escapes a powerbomb attempt from Huxley, hits him with an enziguiri from the apron, and caps it off with a bottom rope slingshot Stunner. Ligero connects with his Springboard DDT and gets the win. Like I said, Ligero is fun to watch.

Isla Dawn vs. Jinny: The match starts off with Jinny striking first. Jinny has a little bit of a smashmouth style to go with her technical expertise. Both women battle to keep the other grounded with chain wrestling. Dawn allows Jinny to get an opening but Isla stays on her. Jinny has a long frame which allows her to hit awesome moves like a running head scissors. Jinny has Isla grounded with an ab stretch but Isla keeps fighting out. The match returns to being a battle on the mat with chain holds and submissions. Both women battle in the corner where Jinny dropkicks Isla’s feet out from under her then hits her with an X-Factor to pick up the win.

Travis Banks looks to get revenge on Jordan Devlin for taking Banks out and robbing him of a chance to perform at Blackpool. Banks and Devlin will do battle next week.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner: Andrews uses his quickness to catch Aichner off his guard. Webster and Barthel tag in and Webster like his partner Andrews uses his quickness and agility to catch Barthel off guard. Barthel finds an opening and tags in Aichner for some team offense. Aichner and Barthel do a great job keeping Webster away from his corner. Webster escapes a suplex and gets the tag to Andrews who takes out everyone. Aichner finds an opening, tags Barthel and both men hit Andrews with quick offense. Webster and Andrews send Aichner and Barthel to the outside. Webster and Andrews hit beautiful tandem tope con Hilo dives to the outside but it isn’t enough to deter Aichner who hits a massive brainbuster. Barthel goes for the pin but only gets two. The Blackpool audience is on their feet. Andrews fighting both Barthel and Aichner. Webster comes in with a wild Senton to the back of Aichner for two. Andrews hits Stun Dog Millionaire on Barthel. Aichner swipes the leg of Andrews, drags him to the outside, and hits a running knee strike against the barricade. Aichner and Barthel target Webster who’s virtually by himself. Aichner and Barthel would hit tandem offensive maneuvers ending the attack with a combination Revolution Powerbomb European Uppercut for the win. This was a really great tag match that was laid out perfectly by all involved. I love the way Aichner and Barthel work together.

Let us know what you thought of NXT UK Episode 26 in the comment section below!


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