205 Live

205 Live Recap – 1/22/19

Before the show begins Aiden English is introduced as the newest member of the 205 Live commentary team.

Gran Metalik vs. Humberto Carrillo: There was a really cool move for move sequence at the beginning that ended in a stalemate. Carrillo came off the top rope with a moonsault that Metalik was able to avoid by getting his feet up. The middle portion of the match saw Metalik control the action from the ground which I found interesting because Lucha Libre is definitely the go-to style of both men. A battle on the apron ended with Carrillo hitting Metalik with a diving facebuster. Fast forward to Metalik running and hitting a leaping Rana from the inside of the ring, over the ropes, and to the outside. Carrillo is not looking to give up. Metalik has Carrillo seated on the top turnbuckle but Carrillo blocks an attack and hits Metalik with a beautiful delayed missile dropkick. Carrillo heads to the top and lands a beautiful maneuver. A stalling headstand in the corner which Carrillo transitions into a springboard moonsault. Carrillo gets the win in his first official match on the 205 Live roster. Great performance. Carrillo can be a great Lucha star for 205 Live.

Drew Gulak isn’t too impressed with Carrillo as he leaves Drake Maverick’s office in a rage. Tony Nese would like a shot at redemption against Noam Dar.

Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Hideo Itami: For a majority of the early stages Itami was the aggressor controlling the action, mainly against Tozawa. Despite a brief comeback, Tozawa gets laid out and we’re back to square one. All three men stand in the center and begin taking shots at each other with Tozawa being the only one left standing. Itami is able to hit the Tornado Hangman drop from the top on Tozawa but finds him in a battle with Kalisto. Tozawa joins the struggle and we have a battle for a superplex. Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy was watching the match from ringside but decides to get involved. It’s a Triple Threat Match so there are no disqualifications. Murphy gets taken out by Kalisto then Tozawa. Fast forward to a battle in the corner. Tozawa blocks a Rana attempt from Kalisto. Tozawa leaps off for his Senton but Kalisto moves out of the way. Itami comes out of nowhere and hits a vicious basement dropkick to take Kalisto out of the equation. Itami hits a double knee jawbreaker and gets the win.

The show ends with Itami celebrating his win with Ariyah Daivari whilst staring the Champion Murphy down.

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