Pedro Morales Passes Away at 76

One of the greatest champions in WWE history has passed away. WWE Hall of Famer Pedro Morales died today at the age of 76. Although the cause of his death has not yet been revealed, he had been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for many years.

Morales was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 1995. He was inducted into the Wrestling Observer class of 2017. During his career, Morales was idolized worldwide but particularly by his fellow Puerto Ricans. He holds the distinction of being WWE’s first-ever wrestler to win world, intercontinental, and tag-team gold.

Pedro Morales as WWE Intercontinental Champion

Morales has spent more days as WWE Intercontinental Champion than anyone else in history. His 619 days spent with the title is just 20 days ahead of Smackdown’s the Miz. He won the IC title for the first time on a December 8th, 1980 house show from Ken Patera. Morales would hold the title until losing it to Don Muraco that June. He would then win it back from Muraco that November and hold it for 425 days before dropping it back to Muraco again.

Pedro Morales as WWWF Champion

Morales spent 1,025 days as WWE champion in the early 1970s. He defeated Ivan Koloff for the belt in 1971 and then held it until dropping it to Stan Stasiak in 1973. It was his only run with the title.

Morales also held the WWE tag-team championships with Bob Backlund in 1980.

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