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Nia Jax Reveals Backstage Reaction to Roman Reigns’ Return

Nia Jax recently spoke with radio personality Mike Jones of DC 101 to promote an upcoming WWE live event in Fairfax, Virginia. During the interview, the WWE Superstar spoke about the reaction backstage at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia this past Monday night when Roman Reigns made his big announcement.

According to Jax, most of the talent in the locker room were emotional when watching as Reigns announced that he is now in remission following his recent battle with leukemia.

“You know what, he has us all on edge and we were all waiting for what he had to say,” said Jax. “Just seeing him around was amazing. It helped everybody and we were just so happy to hear that he was in remission. There wasn’t a dry eye backstage, 100 percent. We were in all in happy tears just jumping up and down. Now we feel whole again because we were missing our Superman. Now he’s back.”

Additionally, Jax revealed which current WWE storylines has her interest the most right now.

“Obviously I am watching our RAW Women’s Championship with Ronda laying it on the line and putting it on the ground,” Jax said. “We don’t know what that means, so I’m very curious to see what’s gonna happen with that. There are three powerful women in the story that, you know, everybody’s watching.”

Jax continued, “I’m also excited to see what’s gonna happen with Roman, you know, and what he’s gonna do now that he’s back and excited to bring awareness to leukemia, like he said, and trying to get help the way he got help. There are so many great things going on, but those are my favorite.”


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