Pay Per Crap

Pay Per Crap #73 – Betting on Kofi to Win at WrestleMania

This week on the Pay Per Crap Podcast Josh and Erik discuss why the Kofi Kingston storyline is important, compare it to the Daniel Bryan story of WrestleMania 30, and the importance of Kofi winning it all. The guys also discuss the ongoing saga of the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania. It is now the main event, Charlotte is now the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, but why though? Erik confuses Heath Slater with Heath Ledger, Josh wants to know who started the Ant-Man up Thanos’ butt meme, and they’re pretty sure WrestleMania is going to be like, 10 hours long.

To listen to the Pay Per Crap Podcast on major streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) click here.pwtmania-sale


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