NXT TakeOver: New York

NXT TakeOver: New York Results

One of my favorite parts of WrestleMania Weekend is the TakeOver event from NXT. TakeOver events typically deliver excellent matches no matter the season but during WrestleMania Weekend it seems the talent on the show go above and beyond to give fans an amazing show. Here are just the results from the show and some quick notes. A full in depth analysis will be available on the next episode of the Pay Per Crap Podcast this week.

War Raiders d. Aleister Black & Ricochet to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships: Amazing opening contest where the action was quick and hard hitting. War Raiders got the win after hitting Fallout on Ricochet. After the match the NXT Universe gave Ricochet and Black a standing ovation as this was probably the final time we’ll see them in NXT.

Velveteen Dream d. Matt Riddle to retain the NXT North American Championship: Once again Velveteen Dream goes above and beyond to give a great performance for a match that wasn’t really given the feeling of importance as the other matches. It was a fun match built upon Riddle using his MMA background against Dream who showed tremendous guts and determination. Riddle locked on the Bro-Mission but Dream shifts his weight to pin Riddle’s shoulders to the mat for a three count. After the match Riddle and Velveteen Dream fist bump as a sign of respect.

WALTER d. Pete Dunne to become the NEW NXT UK Champion: The historic 685 day title reign of Pete Dunne is over. It was just as anticipated, one of the most brutal matches in recent memory. Walter destroyed Dunne’s chest area with chops while Dunne went after Walter’s fingers. Walter has Dunne in the corner and drops him with a vicious jackknife powerbomb throw. Walter then leaps off the ropes flattening Dunne for the three. We all knew this reign had to come to an end and we knew there was a good chance the end would come at the hands of Walter and still we were shocked when it happened.

Shayna Baszler d. Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane, and Io Shirai to retain the NXT Women’s Championship: Similar to Dream/Riddle this match exceeded expectations by almost everyone. It was the typical Fatal 4 Way where everything was sort of chaotic but it was still a fun watch. Baszler slapped the Kirafuda on Belair who tapped.

Johnny Gargano d. Adam Cole in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match to win the vacant NXT Championship: This match probably wins Match of the Year. It sounds crazy being that we’re only in April but as l stated on the Pay Per Crap Twitter this match was the damndest thing I’ve ever seen. Both men just threw everything they had at each other and then some. Each time you thought Cole or Gargano landed the final shot the other would kick out at the last second. Crowd was on fire the entire show but with each near fall it felt like a bomb was going off. For the final fall Gargano locked on the Gargano Escape forcing Adam Cole to tap getting the deciding fall to win the vacant NXT Championship.

The end of the show saw Johnny celebrating with his wife Candice LaRae. As they celebrate at the top of the stage Tommaso Ciampa appears. Don’t worry as this is a feel good moment for all three as they embrace and the show fades to black. What a show.

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