WrestleMania 35 Main Card Results

The show begins with Alexa Bliss giving us her first WrestleMania moment by bringing out Hulk Hogan. After Hogan finishes his usual schtick Paul Heyman comes marching down the ring. Heyman says that his client deserves to be last on the card and since he’s not the Universal Championship match will happen right now so Brock Lesnar can hop on a jet and head to Vegas for the UFC. Welcome to WrestleMania!

Seth Rollins d. Brock Lesnar to win the Universal Championship: Brock decimated Seth before the bell rang. The referee gets bumped out allowing Seth to low blow Lesnar. Rollins hits Lesnar with three Curbstomps and wins the Universal Championship. What a shocking way to begin the show.

AJ Styles d. Randy Orton: Very solid match throughout. Orton teased a top rope RKO but Styles was able to fight out. Styles hit a massive Phenomenal Forearm to the outside of the ring. Styles attempted another Phenomenal Forearm but Orton blocks it briefly. Styles fights out and stuns Orton sending his throat over the top rope. Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm and picks up the win.

The Usos d. Rusev & Nakamura, The Bar, and Aleister Black & Ricochet to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships: It was your typical wild Fatal 4 Way with action all over the place. Lots of fun spots culminating with The Usos hitting a double splash on Sheamus to win.

Shane McMahon d. The Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere match: This was a wild one. Mr. Miz got involved to protect his son and gets dropped by Shane. This sends Miz into a rage and he beats Shane down throughout the arena. Both men end up on a camera tower where Shane begs Miz for mercy but Miz has other plans. The Miz suplexes Shane off the camera tower through a platform at the bottom. The impact allowed Shane to be on top of the pile. The referee counts to three and Shane McMahon gets the win. This was definitely better than expected.

The IIconics d. Beth Phoenix & Natalya, Nia Jax & Tamina, and the Boss ‘n Hug Connection to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The match itself wasn’t anything spectacular but I thought the finish was really well done. Beth Phoenix hits a top rope Glam Slam but she didn’t realize Billie Kay blind tagged herself legal into the match. Peyton Royce sumps Phoenix outside, Billie picks up the win and the IIconics celebrate as new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Kofi Kingston d. Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship: This was a perfect match showcasing the good guy fighting, scratching, and clawing to reach a dream. The match was physical, the drama was high, and the crowd was hot. Multiple times Daniel Bryan looked like he would play the part of dream crusher but Kofi was all heart. Xavier and Big E dispose of Rowan giving Kofi clearance to hit Trouble in Paradise. 1…2…3! Kofi wins! Kofi wins! Kofi wins! My house erupted. Kofi celebrates with Big E, Xavier, and his two young sons. This is a well deserved feel-good moment. But it is also a moment to teach anyone that if you believe in yourself the word no will always turn into a yes. Congratulations Kofi.

Samoa Joe d. Rey Mysterio: This one took about five minutes and ended with Joe choking Mysterio out. I have two theories: Mysterio’s ankle was in bad shape and the match was in a death spot after such a high drama match.

Roman Reigns d. Drew McIntyre: Both men of similar size and style means at times it’s tough to decipher what story is being told in the ring. This probably would have translated better on a regular PPV. It was physical, ending with Roman hitting the Spear for the win.

Elias wanted to give a concert, except he was interrupted by…the Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena! Poor Elias received a verbal evisceration from Cena complete with visual aides and pistachios. Elias gets dropped not by an AA but an FU. Such a cool moment.

Triple H d. Batista in a No Holds Barred Match: As far as No Holds Barred matches go this one lived up to the bill. Lots of weapon usage, commentary table spots, and even Triple H ripping out the nose ring of Batista. Ric Flair appears at ringside out of nowhere handing Triple H a sledgehammer. While Ric begins to trash talk Batista the Animal takes his eyes off the ball and Triple H lands a leaping sledgehammer shot. The Game follows up with a Pedigree for the win.

The Demon Finn Balor d. Bobby Lashley to win the Intercontinental Championship: This was a little less than a 10-minute sprint but the action was evenly spread throughout. Lashley, like many others, didn’t look like he was ready for The Demon. Lashley gets his chest caved in thanks to a Coupe de Grace from Balor. The Demon gets the three and regains the Intercontinental Championship.

Becky Lynch d. Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to win the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Championship: This was extremely physical with all the women really going out there with bad blood and animosity. Ronda attempted to take out the arms of both women while Charlotte focused on Ronda’s leg. I wish we got more of Charlotte and Becky working together to neutralize Ronda. The finish came when Ronda attempted her Piper’s Pit but Becky shifts her weight on the impact for a crucifix pin and gets the three count. The count looked a little weird. The crowd reaction wasn’t as expected because the pin came out of nowhere. There wasn’t much drama or build up to the finish which made it feel like it came out of nowhere. Decent match I just wished they worked a little bit more storytelling in the match. Becky celebrates in the ring with all the fireworks as the show closes.

I enjoyed this WrestleMania. You’re going to have a difficult time ever trying to get a negative reaction out of me when it comes to WrestleMania. The pageantry and spectacle were certainly there, the feel-good moments were there, the entertainment was there. You can’t ask for much more than that.

For a more in-depth analysis of WrestleMania 35 make sure you keep an eye out for the next episode of the Pay Per Crap Podcast! We’ll be reading poll results and fan reactions for every match!

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