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Triple H Says There Will Be “Reimagined Version Of SmackDown” On FOX

Triple H gave some insight into what the new television deal with FOX will mean for SmackDown Live moving forward and the changes that WWE plans to make to the blue branded show.

“The Game” and Stephanie McMahon did an interview with the Sports Business Journal about the business side of WWE. During the interview, they were asked about the TV deal where they both gave some interesting comments.

“There’s definitely going to be differences. We haven’t made any announcements formally, but we are so excited to be partnering with FOX and to be on USA.” McMahon continued by bringing up being sandwiched between the NFL with football on Thursday nights while SmackDown on Friday then college football on Saturday and Sunday is NFL.

Triple H chimed in by stating that there are contractual requirements to provide that level of exposure for WWE and that FOX has already gone above and beyond that.

“As this goes forward, that will just rise that type of activity across the board. Fundamentally, as a company, we constantly reimagine ourselves. So, we’re deep in the process now of [figuring out] what the reimagined version of SmackDown will be.”

SmackDown will be officially moving over to FOX on Friday, October 4th, 2019.

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